I Screamed and Shouted
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ayeitsfrannie_ poetry is my hidden secret.
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{{I screamed and shouted}} So I thought

I Screamed and Shouted

{{I screamed and shouted}}

So I thought

What felt like a dream

Was more real than ever

I couldn’t move or speak

And then I thought

He finally caught me

Nothing but a dark room

But I knew he was here

I could feel him

In my throat, in my stomach, in my head

He’s everywhere

Still no sign of him

But I can hear him

Telling the voices in my head to scream louder

But where is he?

Well, maybe he’s the one breathing down my neck

Telling me toxic commands

Keeping me captive

So how do I escape?

I hold my breath

Count to ten

Until the dark room becomes a well-lit room

With only the sounds of the raindrops​ falling against the window

And my anxieties becoming words falling onto paper.

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