Dear Friend,
Dear Friend, everybody stories

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that is what i miss the most, even if i am not old enough to miss it.

Dear Friend,

by ayathalboon

Do you remember

the year when I used to cry to return to you When I wanted you to snatch me out of the blue


when I used to draw the sun in the corner of the drawing , or when I thought long rides are boring Now I die to have one.

My dear friend,

for all of the sad things I did and for all of the `I hate you’s that I hid, I am deeply sorry

i didn't know,

I didn’t know growing old was that hard, I swear, if i knew before, I wouldn’t be pulling that card

I thought of dreams

I wish I could be free of lies And be again that girl which is nice, I didn’t know that growing old changes a fact, all I do now is act.

I miss youu

Don’t you miss me like I do? Don’t you want to see me? Or am I the only one who dreams every night of being a soul which is free?

where i live, now is different

The medium I live in; I feel I am living in a big fat sin. I want you now to be actually here, and see what I always fear Let’s play a long distance game dear, that I can pull you to be near.

my dear friend

can't you come back? my childhood my friend i want you again being an adult its hard enough i act as one, but i am not that tough.

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