Village [Chapter 1]
Village [Chapter 1] village stories

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Three young adults living in a village begin a journey of life and love that will show then that everything they've ever known is a lie.

Village [Chapter 1]

Thomas was kind. He was the type of guy who always seemed to know what he wanted. He was gentle with everyone, wanting them to know they were loved. He wasn't the manliest man in the village, but Lillian thought he was better than anyone else.

Lillian and her twin brother, Liam, were Thomas' neighbors. They'd always been close with him, since the day they were born. Best friends really.

They always had each others backs, and were unafraid when they were together. This is probably why Lillian didn't mind the offer to marry Thomas. She would really rather stay single, but according to law, everyone needed a partner.

Thomas was the one to bring it up on that warm day in April. He had discussed it with his parents, and supposed it wasn't a bad idea. He admitted that there was no one else he would rather marry. Lillian accepted, but she was skeptical.

She saw something. It was the way that her supposed fiancé looked at someone else. The way they smiled at each other. The lingering touches. She knew Thomas didn't want to marry her. And she decided to prove it.

"Hey Liam," she said when she arrived home, looking around for her twin, "You'll never believe what just happened." "What's that?" Liam asked from where he was busy in the kitchen, working on making the evening meal.

"Thomas Prescott has asked me to be his wife," she said, stepping over to help him work. "You don't sound too excited," he said, almost jokingly, "You should be over the moon. He'll be a wonderful husband."

"I know..." she nodded, "But... Not the husband for me.. I worry he has feelings for another, and is only marrying me to keep his lover safe." It took Liam a moment to respond. "Who do you think his lover might be?" he asked, his tone low and guarded.

"You," she said simply, not even looking up from the vegetables she was chopping. A hand immediately covered her mouth. "Not so loud," he whispered harshly, "If mother hears..." The fear was evident in his voice.

She reached up, pulling his hand away. "So it's true.." she said, her voice lowered, "You're in love with..." she paused looking around to make sure no one was listening, "A man... How is that even possible?"

"I don't know..." Liam replied, looking down, "It just sort of happened... We were drinking by the river and talking about the future and then... Well... we were kissing and..." He swallowed, "I'll be hung if they find out... He will be too. Please marry him..."

Lillian looked at her brother. She'd never seen such fear in his eyes. She swallowed and nodded slowly. "Okay..." she said, her voice almost nonexistent, "I... I'll marry him. I'll keep him safe for you." She swallowed again, her throat impossibly dry, "I never wanted to marry anyways. So... I guess it'll work out for all of us."

Liam nodded. "Yeah..." he said softly, "I guess it will. I love you Lil..." She smiled, pulling him into a tight hug. "I love you too Liam," she said, holding her brother close.

To Be Continued... || If this gets good reviews here, I'm gonna write into a full length story over on Wattpad ||

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