Tick Tock
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awkwardalien just here for The Gay™
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My dad is a pilot.
I remember waiting for him to come home

Tick Tock

Tick tick tick

Go the hands of my fathers watch

As time passes by around him

The face of it watches the world

From plane to plane, country to country

Tock tock tock

It's almost time for him to come home

My sisters and I can't wait to see him

Counting down the seconds

Until he lands in our hometown

Tick tick tick

The flights pass over our home

"That's him in that one"

"No he's in that one right there"

We call, pointing at the planes we see

Tock tock tock

The familiar black truck pulls in

Screams of excitement fill the house

The watch watches on

As we all see our father again

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