Once Upon a Nursery Rhyme
Once Upon a Nursery Rhyme fairytail stories

awkwardalien just here for The Gay™
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A fairy tail for those who saved themselves

Once Upon a Nursery Rhyme

There was royalty out of time Deeply lost in their mind

Mixed up in their flight or fight They didn't know their left from right

Up and over, back and down Wild paths twisted all around

Until a hand settled on their shoulder A handsome prince smiled, made them feel bolder

He took them to his lovely castle Acted as though it were no hassle

But their prince turned to an evil king Shredded every fiber of their being

He left them broken beyond repair In his trap they'd become ensnared

They wanted out, they needed it They were left to their own wit

They gritted their teeth through all the pain Left at rock bottom, they could only gain

They fought for themselves until they stood tall Free at last, they needed no prince at all

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