I'm supposed to "do what I love"
I'm supposed to "do what I love" - but what if I have no idea what that is? stories

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I'm Andrea Wien (Duchon. Author, entrepreneur, quarterback of the first global gap year community, Gap to Great. Visit my website here: http://www.andreawien.com...

I'm supposed to "do what I love"

but what if I have no idea what that is?

I know I'm supposed to be following my passions.

I know if I could just find ‘it,’ I could make ‘it’ happen.. The problem is....

I have no idea what 'it' is.

It made no sense.

I was smart, driven and talented, but I felt like a total failure. All around me, I watched people — increasingly younger and younger people — following their dreams and creating perfect careers.

Why them and not me?

The problem wasn’t me. The problem was the message that I’d been told since I was a little kid. This idea that my passion would suddenly hit me like a lightning bolt, and I’d be on my way.

Let me fill you in on a secret

You never find “it.” At least, not in the sense of the anvil falling on top of your head. Instead, you find a million “its” and piece them together to create a path.

That's part of the reason I love the gap year

A year out in the world, experiencing real life versus sitting behind a desk learning about it.

The gap year is the vehicle for kick starting this discovery

Not the answer

The answer lies in your own curiosity

It’s your job to dig it back out, dust it off and take it for a spin. ecause here’s the thing: your curiosity is the key to finding not only your million “its,” but also your creativity

I wish I'd taken a gap year.

It wasn’t until I actually gave myself permission to slow down and be curious — about the world, about myself, about business — that I landed on a path that felt closer to “it.”

I encourage young people to slow down and get curious

I’m passionate about helping them to pry open the Pandora’s box inside their heads and follow the contents down the rabbit hole.

Another thing that no one tells you

It's okay to get bored.

Don't get discouraged.

If you follow a hundred rabbit holes and all of them lead to dead ends. You'll still be 100x more interesting than the person who stayed trapped inside boredom because they felt obligated

Most people don’t have one passion

Maybe you love Superman and architecture. Think of what could happen when you meld more than one thing together. The possibilities become endless, and competition gets replaced with collaboration

I can’t wait to see where you end up.

Get curious, follow yourself down the rabbit hole, and report back

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