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Crooked Smile.


by nouies

I chose to keep my gap.

A number of people may find this odd, but I love my gap.

It makes me happy.

It reminds me of me.

When I was younger it used to be the reason I didn't smile.

But now its one of the only reasons I ever do.

Whether it be akin to the sign of a Gemini

identical twins named incisors, or the void between that reminds me that there is always space to grow.

I adore my gap.

I adore how I can wriggle my tongue through the cave between two front teeth and pretend that I'm threading a needle.

Or then when I press my lips to whistle

a node of air escapes from the tunnel and sneaks up out the hole and I sound like a natural. Even though I can't whistle trough my gap on command no matter how hard I try.

A smile like Uzo Aduba to Elton John from Samuel L.

sent to Amy and right back to black to the woman from the local market place who sales cakes.

I see a grin so immaculate that only a few get the pleasure

to be and I'm one of them.

So why would I keep my gap?

Why wouldn't I? It gives me far more room than any place I've ever stayed.

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