Everyday turns to every night tho.
Everyday turns to every night tho. frank stories
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Nights where bad things happen to people.

Everyday turns to every night tho.

by nouies

Bear me the burden of your blessings.

Bless me the privilege of your struggles.

Your shy light scurries passed in a hurry

Redundant is my loneliness tolerated by you though.

Bittersweet but I left out all the sugar.

A sour taste- my blind tongue favors inattention.

Had I forgotten that we were in hurry?

We laughed pushing 85 in a 98- Altima.

Playing catch, pitching epithets...

follow through more empty threats.

Bearing in mind such a tasteful dialect.

An utterance so repugnant yet pungent, yummy.

The universe kindly stalks you.

Starry eyes beneath a sun roof while the moon is on call- still...

we shuffle tracks sullied off our weariness.

So mundane, you mistake each song for bliss, shoveled in a playlist named discordance.

So let's keep it that way, slip off the cord less.

Pull closer my dear and it won't escape.

A tad possessive I know but our timing is late.

Punctuality is always a concept with me.

Restrain the language and go where only we can speak.

Find solace with the ignorance of many.

Speak softly and whisper to the shadows.

Remember secrets will never kiss truth.

I find our abstraction far too beautiful.

Hopefully it doesn't die past our youth.

A rarity pressing near unusual.

Could I share this curse with you?

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