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Letting Go

by aw008

Maybe an end is not always best. Maybe an end is because of you.

You overthink, you ruin what you once couldn't live without because your brain has become poisoned with thoughts that shouldn't exist there.

Maybe an end is not always best. But you're told that it is.

If something scares you, "get out" If you've never felt this way before, "leave while you can"

Why are we told this? Has no one ever fought for love?

Has no one ever lived to tell the story of how they fell madly in love and never looked back?

Why is everyone letting go?

Maybe an end is not always best. But you tell yourself to let go

because letting go is easy

letting go is safe

Letting go doesn't call you on a Thursday night and tell you it's reserving you for the weekend.

Letting go doesn't take your breath away when it looks you in the eyes at night and you've never seen such beautiful stars.

Letting go can't make you insanely furious over something and still make you wish you could feel that way forever.

Letting go doesn't take nearly as much effort.

Letting go doesn't scare you nearly as much as falling for someone over and over again does.

Letting go doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the unknown.

At least that's what we're told.

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