VIVIAN : Dragon Wars Series Chapter 1
VIVIAN : Dragon Wars Series 

Chapter 1 #blackqueen#blackwoman#dragons stories

avuyer we all hv a right to tell our truths....
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What if who you think you are is nothing but an illusion. What if your world is nothing but a lie your mother let you believe. This is a story about a woman called VIVIAN and she has no clue about herself and the world around her until she moves to a small town.

VIVIAN : Dragon Wars Series Chapter 1

Vivian P.O.V I look outside the window from the moving bus at the beautiful mountain pass , it has magnificent tall trees lining the road casting a  dark shadow making it look like its nearly saunset while its still only 14:15 in the afternoon . I am truly amazed by the beauty so much so that I cannot wait to see the town ahead. My name is Vivian and I just got a job at a town called Winterberg in the Eastern cape of South Africa. I had never heard of the town before I got the call from my previous employer informing me that one of her friends is lookin for a shop assistant at her crystal store. So I took the opportunity since I was unemployed and also because I was yearning for a fresh start. My mother was not thrilled by me moving to a new unfamiliar environment but since I'm 23 years old she had no say in the matter , it was my decision to make since now I'm an adult woman. But I will miss her and its painful to leave her alone since I'm her  only child and my father left us before I was even born. I see a board  notifying that my destination is 10km ahead ,with  excitement enough to make my heart to explode from my chest ,I check myself in the mirror and my long  black dreadlocks are still tied neatly and my chocolate brown lipstick is still in place. Satisfied with my looks I start checking my bags and putting my snacks and water  inside my handbag and wait for my arrival. VIVIAN (picture):  As soon as we arrive at the gas station I hop off the bus and make a call to Celeste who is to be my landlord notifying her of my soon to be arrival so that she takes me to the small one roomed cabin. As I wait for her arrival I look at my surroundings and I take note that this a very small town with only one main street with gas station, supermarket, coffee shop that's also a bar and Liquor store. In less than 10 minutes Celeste arrives in a silver Polo Vivo the moment she steps out of her car I take note of her  waist length white hair, its beautiful , straight and shiny like its from a TV or magazine commercial. She comes up to me wearing a very warm smile with thin pink lips. I imagined her to be older  to match her matured wise voice but she looks not a day older than 25, I am amazed by her beauty so much so that  do not even hear her greet me CELESTE (picture):  She greets again ,louder this time around and I hear her , she gives me a soft smile probably used to people ogling her and whisked away by her beauty. I apologize to her fearing that I might have given my LANDLORD a rude first impression but she assured me that its nothing. So we get into her car and drive away from the gas station towards a gravel path and I take note that there is only one paved/ tar road and its the main street. We drive for about 10 minutes and came towards a very small wooden cabin, when we stopped I took a good look at my surroundings and I took note that the cabin was surrounded by tall grass and a couple of pine trees. There was a thin path leading to the door of the cabin and next to the door there was a small wooden chair. I could also hear a   waterfall close by meaning I'm near a river but I could not see any and I wondered how far it was because I love swimming and having a waterfall in my backyard is not a bad idea. We followed the path to the door and then Celeste  took out a key and opened. I was very happy with the view in front of me, the cabin was not small as I thought and it had a nice cozy feeling about it. There was a bed ,a small wooden desk , a nice built-in wooden cabinet with a small sink and a stove , there was a small door leading to a bathroom which consisted a toilet seat , sink and shower. It was simple but I was grateful for the few things the cabin had to offer. It was better than nothing and I was in no position to be picky given that I was broke girl starting a new job. I had to buy my own wardrobe and fridge but I was happy that some of the furniture Celeste had provided for me, the woman was a Godsend. She was really kind and people like her are difficult to find. I thank the heavens I got her as my  landlady not some mean and greedy person. After showing me around I made my payment for rent for the starting month and my landlord went on her way. I felt a bit lonely and scared since it will be my first time being alone and without my mom, I missed her already so I decided to give her a call and tell her about my journey and my  cozy little cabin. I feel a pang in my heart realising that she's won't be here to pay the bills and do all the grown up stuff which will now be my responsibility since I live alone in my own place . The whole situation was scary but exciting at the same time I always lived with her even when I was working on my previous job I still lived at home . I sit on the bed and take out my phone but right at that exact moment I hear a screech outside and everything froze............... My blood ran cold and I started praying to God that I was hearing things and that nothing was outside in those woods outside my cabin. So I did what any logical person would do, I locked the door and hid in the bathroom. Celeste P.O.V The very moment I laid my eyes on my new tenant I knew it was her, she looks exactly like him. I'm not sure how much she knows about herself and her true nature and I hope her human mother atleast prepared her somehow for wats to come. I never liked her mother I must admit and all of us were taken aback by the very  fact that she is a human female., humans only bring trouble for our kind  and not to mention how weak and naïve they are. Humans are like infants and I will never in my ridiculously long life understand what he saw in her. My kind has always been traditional and backwards when it comes to mating, that is why the girls parents never married and ended up  splitting. It was sad but we did warn her father about the troubles of falling inlove with a human. Well I just pray to the Gods that she does not end up with a human like the stubborn man who sired her, even though she seems to have taken alot from him!!!!!!!.............only time will tell and I can sense it in the very air we breathe  that her life story is going to be an interesting one. Just as I was deep in thought I could spot Conrad above patrolling the forest near the portal, I forgot to notify him that  our new resident might not know about her kind and that he must be carefully until we are sure of everything. At that very moment Conrad chose to screech and I mentally cringed. 'Holly shit!!!! Vivian must have heard that'. I know its a short chapter I promise next one will be longer. Thanx for the support and reading this chapter it means a lot to me. Luv u all mwaaaaa!!!!!!

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