Warriors: Water, Fire, and Ice
Warriors: Water, Fire, and Ice warriors stories
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Water, Fire, and Ice: Book 1
Silence is golden, but is it always something you want?

By: Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Warriors: Water, Fire, and Ice

by Erin Hunter and Avidflame

"I, Junestar, leader of WindClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice.

She has trained hard to understand your noble code and I commend her to you as a warrior in her turn. Dawnpaw, from this day on, you will be known as Dawnheart.

StarClan honors your determination and bravery and we welcome you as a full warrior of WindClan.

" The whole clan b broke out in cheers as the beautiful brown calico touched noses with her leader. The newly named she-cat stared out at her clan with proud turquoise eyes.

She swiveled her ears as she heard a familiar voice. She purred and stared at the tom dreamily.

Next to her, her brother turned to look where his sister was staring, and hissed warily as his eyes locked onto Juniperfur.

The tom was much older than them, by nearly three moons! He leaped off of the rock and stalked towards the handsome figure. Juniperfur's eyes widened.

"Congratulations, Sparkfoot!" Sparkfoot drew his lips back in a snarl and he hissed, "Stay away from Dawnheart, you mangy flea-brain!" He whipped around and darted into the woods.

No cat bothered to follow him, and he found himself ramming straight into a beautiful green eyed she-cat. The brown and white splotched cat stumbled to her paws.

"Hi? Who are you?" She narrowed her eyes happily at him as Sparkfoot purred at her beauty. "You-you're quite beautiful!" The she-cat widened her eyes at this comment.

"Really? You think so?" He nodded dreamily.

A purr tumbled in her throat and she meowed excitedly, "Well, hello! I'm Mossfeather! What is you name?" Her sweet accent told him she was from ShadowClan. He nodded and sighed gently.

"I'm Sparkfoot. Now, pretty, meet me here tonight so I can maybe give you some of the pleasure you have already given me.

" Mossfeather batted her eyelashes and brushed her muzzle with his, as if they were old friends. She nodded and rose to her feet. Sparkfoot sighed and slowly smiled.

He couldn't wait to see her tonight. He had seen her at Gatherings and he would finally get what he wanted.

As night rose, he snuck out of camp and raced joyfully through the woods. He saw the pretty She-cat waiting, and he slowed to a halt beside her. "Hi, Mossfeather." He meowed shyly.

She purred and nuzzled him. He stiffened. She pulled away, embarrassed. "Oh-erm-sorry..." She smoothed her chest fur and mentally scolded herself. He shook his head lustfully.

Her eyes clouded and he meowed quietly. "So, Mossfeather, I have seen you at Gatherings, and I think I like you," he began. She beamed. "And I want you to be mine. But, we're in different clans.

Could you-" she yowled her pleasure to StarClan. "Yes! I will join WindClan for you!" The tom was taken aback, and he struggled to find words.

"Oh, er- that's good! But you don't- Oh, whatever!" He purred and started grooming her. He drew a long, affectionate lick over her ear, and she purred and nuzzled him.

The two cats shared tongues until the sun can up, and Sparkfoot listened to the gentle sound of her steady breathing. He thought about how the two met.

How he had gotten so worked up over something he didn't know of. "Love..." He murmured. That was it. His sister would have love and he was scared he wouldn't.

He curled up even tighter around Mossfeather, and her pretty pelt glistened in the moonlight. A small grin wall playing on her lips as he drifted into sleep beside her.

The two met up every other night now, and they grew closer with each visit.

Finally, and suddenly, a gorgeous white and brown colored she-cat bounded into WindClan camp and demanded to the closest cat she saw, "I must speak to your leader.

" He tipped his head and she added more threateningly, "now." The tom nodded vigorously and took off. She raced after him, and skidded to a halt next to a small overhang.

The young tom called into the den, "Junestar? There's a strange she-cat here to talk to you. She's kinda pretty, too." She snarled at him and an elderly cat stumbled out of the den.

"Hello? Junestar, greetings." The ShadowClan warrior dipped her head. He nodded and asked her, "Why do you wish to speak with me?" Mossfeather swallowed hard. "Well, I wish to join WindClan.

I don't feel at home in ShadowClan and-" she was interrupted by an obnoxious snort. "Gah! No use making excuses. You can join.

It's not like nobody knows that most cats switch clans 'cause of love and all that." The old leader sniffed and waddled back into his den. She purred, half-confused half-excited.

She turned to the tom next to her. "Where is Sparkfoot?" He raised an eyebrow and pointed to the fresh-kill pile in the middle of the clearing. "He's my brother, by the way.

Are you gonna be my sisters-in-law?" Mossfeather choked on her own breath and shook her head slowly. The She-cat snuck up and pounced on him from behind.

He whirled around and his face brightened when he saw her. "You're here! Take a walk with me!" She snorted with laughter and followed the tom. He raced towards an abandoned Two-leg nest.

He padded into to the structure and sat down. She sat down next to him and sighed. "Sparkfoot- It feels weird.

All of the She-cats in my clan were moving to the nursery, and the nursery looked pretty crowded here, too. Do you think... should we have kits?" He smirked and nodded gently.

She looked at the sky. "It's just, I don't know if I'm ready." He stared at her. "But- we should! We definitely should!" He protested. She stayed silent and unmoving, barely smiling.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Warriors. The series belongs to the Erins

Sparkfoot took this the wrong way and he purred and gripped her scruff. He mounted her frozen body, eyes clouded lustfully, and he proceeded to mate with her.

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