Warriors: The Final Prophecy
Warriors: The Final Prophecy erin hunter stories

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“Wait! Dappletail, don’t leave yet! I-I love you...”

By: Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Warriors: The Final Prophecy

by Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Dappletail had finally figured out who the other cats were. Minnowfur Of RiverClan, Tigerheart Of ShadowClan, Breezetail Of WindClan, and herself. She also knew how to fulfill the prophecy.

She had found out about a bunch of lost cats that were separated and needed to be put together again. They were kind of like a broken clan.

She knew all of this thanks to Jayfeather, who she was sure now he had grown to love her.

StarClan had told her that she needed to meet with the other cats at The Gathering Island at dawn this half-moon.

Jayfeather has taken her to different clans to speak with the chosen cats and on the way to each camp, he had twined his tail with hers.

A purr had always been stuck in her throat, but she shoved back down every time. He was a medicine cat! What was she thinking? She shook her head as she padded onwards to the Island.

Jayfeather had offered to go with her, but she had gently and sadly turned him down. "You should focus on meeting with the other medicine cats." She had told him.

She winced at how the tom had bowed his head like an apprentice who had just been flicked away like a piece of moss. Finally, she reached the tree-bridge.

She leapt onto it and carefully crossed it. She leaped down and bolted to the clearing as she heard voices. As she got closer, they got louder.

Finally, she broke through the trees and saw Tigerheart and Breezetail talking. "... My apprentice just had her warrior ceremony and now admits that she loves me." Breezetail chuckled.

"As if I didn't know that all along." His eyes blazed with affection for the mysterious cat he talked about. As she padded forward the two cats stopped to look at her.

Tigerheart smiled warmly at her. "Greetings," she called. "I am Dappletail if ThunderClan. You must be Tigerheart and Breezetail.

" She touched noses with her new companions and Breezetail meowed, "Has any cat seen Minnowfur?" Tigerheart mewed, "I heard she has kits that might be apprentices.

" While Dappletail shook her head. Suddenly, a silver she-cat burst into the clearing. Her bright violet eyes shimmered in the moonlight. Her gaze darted to each cat and landed on Dappletail.

Her eyes softened as she looked at the ThunderClan tortoiseshell thoughtfully. "Hello, Minnowfur." Breezetail meowed calmly. She only dipped her head.

When all of the cats were settled in a circle, Dappletail mewed, "I think we all know why we're here. Our first job is to select one of us to be the 'leader' so to speak.

" All of the cats glanced around but they all nodded and stared back at Dappletail with pleading eyes. She sighed and said "Fine, fine.

But where would we find the missing cats? StarClan said something about the river, could we follow that?" The cats looked at each other again and Tigerheart nodded. "That sounds smart to me.

I think we should go downstream." The others murmured agreement and Minnowfur said. "All right then it's settled.

" She started to leave, but Breezetail called out, "Wait! Where should we meet and when?" Minnowfur sat back down. "How about next half-moon, here." Dappletail decided. "All right.

We should return to our own clans now." Tigerheart meowed. May StarClan light your paths!" Called Dappletail over her shoulder. 'By this time Jayfeather should be back!' She thought happily.

For the first time, she didn't shove her feelings away.

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