Warriors: The Final Prophecy
Warriors: The Final Prophecy  erin hunter stories

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As the dark tabby stretched and padded over to the high rock, he thought of the Prophecy. He could hardly figure out what it meant! So far, he only knew that he was one of the chosen cats to fulfill this prophecy.

Warriors: The Final Prophecy

As the dark tabby stretched and padded over to the high rock, he thought of the Prophecy.

He could hardly figure out what it meant! So far, he only knew that he was one of the chosen cats to fulfill this prophecy.

He figured there would be one cat from each clan that was participating in the fulfillment.

He knew only of himself, Minnowfur, a RiverClan She-cat, and another she-cat from ThunderClan, named Dappletail. He shook his head and made his way to the front.

He saw an excited she-kit bouncing around beside her mother, Dawnfeather. She was his sister, and he lightened at the fact that his kin was to be made an apprentice.

Tawnypelt trudged our of the elders den and sat stiffly beside him."Dawnfeather's kit will be an apprentice." He commented to his mother. She nodded and blinked slowly.

He looked up at Blackstar as the meeting started. "Nettlekit. Is it your wish to follow in Littlecloud's pawsteps and train as a medicine cat apprentice?" He meowed.

The she-cat was shivering with excitement. "It is." She squeaked. He dipped his head. "Littlecloud?" He nodded and Blackstar continued. "Then tonight you shall ask for StarClan's approval.

If they shall accept you, you and Littlecloud will travel tomorrow to Moonpool. Nettlekit, from this day until you earn your full name, you will be known as Nettlepaw.

You are a young yet formidable cat, and I know you will give your life to serve your clan." The clan cats cheered and Tigerheart was proud to say he was the first to shout her new name.

"Nettlepaw! Nettlepaw!" She licked her chest fur and jumped down from the high rock. He stayed put as Russetfur called out patrols. "Tigerheart, you will lead a hunting patrol.

Take Flametail, Snowbird, and Owlfur." He dipped his head and signaled to the other cats to follow him.

They raced to the cleared area in the midst of pine trees, and soon enough, he spotted a squirrel gnawing on a tree nut. He dropped into a hunting crouch and prowled forward silently.

When he was close enough, he leaped onto the squirrel, just as it tried to race up the tree. Tigerheart stuck out a long claw and snagged the squirrel by the tail.

It dropped onto the ground and Tigerheart killed it with a swift bite to the neck. He batted a leaf out of the way and carried his prey back to the others.

He saw them waiting, each with a good amount of prey in their jaws. He quickened his pace and he dropped his catch on the ground. "Let's head back to camp." He suggested.

The others murmured a agreement. They bounded lightly to the ShadowClan camp.

They each dropped their prey on the pile of fresh-kill and Tigerheart hurried away to tell Littlecloud about his dream that kept bothering him. "Littlecloud?" He asked.

"May I come in?" The small medicine cat poked his head out and said, "Oh, sure!" Once they were settled inside he began to speak.

"I had a dream last night, and Nightstar had come to me to say, 'Four warriors will hold the power, and light and darkness will battle.

' I'm not sure what it means, but I think I'm one of the four warriors." He looked up at the white cate, who stared back. "Yes, it is a prophecy.

I reckon that the other three are from other clans..." he murmured. "Well, thanks Littlecloud. I'm going to get some sleep." The medicine cat only nodded, a bit dazed.

Tigerheart padded off and curled up in his nest, soon lost in sleep. He dreamed again that night, but in this dream he was bounding throughout a strange place.

A she-cat was beside him, staying close to him. Their pelts were brushing and he sensed love and fear radiating from her. She definitely wasn't from ShadowClan.

He tried to veer away from her a bit, but his paws wouldn't let him move. 'This isn't right!' He thought. Finally, everything went black, and yowls and screeches of battle filled his ears.

Suddenly he felt himself scrambling on a hard surface until he finally couldn't hold on any more.

He plummeted downward and shrieked, "No!" He landed, and felt a sticky substance clinging to his fur. He blinked his eyes open and saw scarlet blood all over him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, and again came the whisper, "Four warriors will hold the power, and light and darkness shall battle..." A sharp prod in his side woke him. He blinked.

It was Flametail. "Ready to go on the patrol?" He asked. Tigerheart looked around groggily and nodded his head. "Yes, lets go." He shook the moss out of his thick tabby coat and stretched.

He smoothed his fur down quickly and they padded out of the den.

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