Warriors: OC’s!!!
Warriors: OC’s!!! warriors stories

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RIVERCLAN OC’s!!! Leaders, deputy’s, warriors, queens, kits, AND apprentices!

By: Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Warriors: OC’s!!!

by Erin Hunter and Avidflame


Leader: Pebblestar.....Branchstar.....Fernstar

Deputy: Mintheart....Petalclaw

Medicine cat: Berryfoot.....Milkfeather


Queens: Ivorynose- Mother to Swallowkit and Ivykit

Apprentices: Splashpaw....Cloudpaw

Descriptions: Pebblestar- Gray tom with silver-blue eyes

Branchstar- Brown tabby

Fernstar- sand colored she-cat with fern green eyes

Mintheart- Light brown tabby with mint green eyes

Petalclaw- white tabby with pale violet eyes

Berryfoot- Brown tabby she-cat

Milkfeather- White she-cat with blue-green eyes

Thornfrost- Calico tom with brown eyes

Timbersong- Golden She-cat with pale brown eyes

Honeyroot- brown tabby with golden-amber eyes

Rosefeather- Pretty brown tabby with light indigo eyes

Wolfstep- gray and white tom with amber eyes

Gingerfall- Gorgeous orange tabby she-cat with beautiful blue eyes

Mallowtail- handsome gray tom with blue eyes

Mothblossom- Pale brown she-cat with amber eyes

Nightthorn- Black She-cat with dark green eyes

Sagepuddle- Blue-gray tom with amber eyes

Robinsnow- White she-cat with ginger spots

Doesong- Calico she-cat with indigo eyes

Nectarsplash- Ginger tom with dark blue eyes

Ivorynose- White-Orange queen with green eyes

Swallowkit- tiny sand colored tom with amber eyes

Ivykit- Silver she-kit with darker flecks and pale green eyes

Splashpaw- Blue-black tom with hazel eyes

Cloudpaw- fluffy white she-cat with blue-green eyes

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