Warriors: Dakotas Rise
Warriors: Dakotas Rise my real house cats stories

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A/N: Ok, To clarify, Morris and Dakota are NOT related, but Morris and Dakota are best friends. Thought I should clear that up! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN WARRIORS! (But I wish I did.) ;)

By: Erin Hunter and Avidflame

Warriors: Dakotas Rise

by Erin Hunter and Avidflame

The screeches of battle filled her ears and the brown tabby stumbled into the clearing, forced into the strange lands by even stranger cats. "Where are you taking us?" She hissed.

Her best friend, Morris, glanced around warily, then met her eyes with a cold orange glare. "Hush, Dakota!" She muttered under her breath, but kept her jaws clamped shut.

Suddenly, the silver tom in front of her came to an abrupt halt. She rolled her eyes. "These cats sure are stupid." She muttered into Morris's ear.

The orange tabby just flicked his tail as the silver cat whipped around to face them with icy blue eyes. "Stop your muttering," he scolded. "We're taking you to Wolfstar." Dakota blinked.

"Who is 'Wolfstar?'" She demanded. The large tom gasped at her and his eyes widened in fear. He was not much older then her, yet she seemed to be much stronger.

"Catching flies, are you?" She snapped. He narrowed his eyes and slammed his jaws shut. He exhaled sharply. "Whatever. I'm Streampaw of Riverclan.

I take it you to have never heard of the clans?" He mewed. Dakota raised an eyebrow and Morris simply shook his head gently. A few heart beats passed until Streampaw spoke again.

"Well?" He demanded. "Well, What?" Dakota snapped at him. He pursed his lips and she narrowed her eyes. The tom rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"Well, What are your names?!" He growled, as if it was obvious. Dakota's eyes were slits now and her face was scrunched up in hatred and disgust. "Dakota. I'm Dakota and that's Morris.

My mother is Matilda," She mewed harshly, flicking her tail to the back of the group where her pregnant mother was struggling into to keep up with the rest of them.

"And we WERE rogues, until you took us prisoner." She snarled at him, glowering at the weird cats. A huge black She-cat stalked towards the group. Her green gaze flickered over the two cats.

"Wolfstar will see you now. " She meowed in a gruff voice. "Fine." Morris mewed, clamping his tail over Dakotas mouth. She cursed under her breath, but said no more.

The two cats followed the black she-cat and Dakota hissed at all of the cats giving her strange looks. She bared her teeth at a curious kit and it shrieked pathetically before scampering away.

"Stop it!" Morris meowed at her through gritted teeth. "We're not trying to pick fights." Matilda finally spoke, a warning tone in her voice. Her eyes were pleading, and Dakota smirked.

She never cared about pleasuring her parents, ever since her father left her. Strikestorm. That was his name. He was a large gray tom, with mint colored eyes. "I look nothing like him...

" she murmured aloud. Morris tilted his head and sighed. Matilda glanced at her with sad eyes, as if even thinking about Strikestorm pained her.

Dakota has had a brother, who was practically a spitting image of her father. 'Stupid Strikestorm!' She thought.

She wanted to yowl how much she hated him for taking her only littermate away from her. They reached a large tree with a hollow in it, and the black cat and Morris leapt into it with ease.

Dakota, however, scrambled over the ledge, claws digging into the bark. She finally made it over the edge, panting. Matilda jumped up to join them. She flicked her ear at her daughter.

Wolfstar glared at them.

“Well, Well, Well. What have we here?”

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