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avert Let me fly a bit
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Poorly translated feelings
Sensitive person feeling violence around him

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Am I but a function, after all ?

Fulfilling a saviour's mission

Victim of my own condition

Where I refuse to admit the eyes

I try to put down comets

Where dust blinds me in an unpleasant sweetness

As though the sky would look down on me

A pawn on the terrestrial chessboard

Winds soothes me

With illusions as nefarious

It talks and whispers harassing a degrading menace

It's the anti-air that spreads the wings down and butchers them

All ends down wild

But the earth is dry and hurt nourishing

The roost fast converts in a gibbet

Tuned like a sordid human harp

Where do you hide Samba

Fugitive sensation of possibility

Let me give you birth far from my complexes

For I am but a complicated cristal winded by mouth

I have but a bitter feeling of repentance

For having given in to coming into being

And there's now me in the excess of willing to give life

All this pile is only sand ready to break down

It is ever the heart that is hung

And the beheaded dance of an inanimate dreary

There is no soul, but of shell

And all around is pressure to let the functional be done

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