The return to Lemuria
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Lost continent of Mu

The return to Lemuria

I'm starting a new project titled " The return to Lemuria", it's a fantasy novel. This is the main plot, but I want the writing process to be be the most interactive possible.

If you think that I should modify some aspects to make it more entertaining,let me know:

Before an inversion of the poles, twelve people have mysteriously vanished in the four corners of the Earth.

Among them, two identical twin girls from Shanghai are transported in a different dimension.

They realise that they have landed on the lost continent of Lemuria before it has been submerged by the sea after a cataclysm.

How are they going back home ?

The only way, it's to engage in an inter dimensional war between the ten tribes of Lemuria and the seven malefic forces of the counter earth in the shadow realm,and save the future of the planet.

This is the beginning of it:


Part one

Formless and ageless, the two halves of zero decided to unite.

They dreamed that light beings would emerge from the four corners.

A city of stars made of gold would disseminate the first blocks to think the primordial void.

At this precise moment, an endless waves of dimensions were created.

A set of secret keys gave access to the interstitial bridges between the worlds.

If you want to know more about it and give your opinions during the writing process,, you can go here

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