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Dear you,
What are you doing to me?

A letter

by avalon

Dear you, What are you doing to me?

I try to make sense of it all

To make up external excuses for my pathetic behavior

Maybe it's the planets in retrograde

Maybe it's just that time of the month

Maybe it's you.

The way you say you want me but then push me away, keeping me wanting more.

Or the way you have this senseless charm and wit that I adore

But no, oh no. It's not any of those things

It's me.

It's the way i make up internal excuses

Hoping that as time passes so will these feelings inside, because God knows I can't understand them

Praying, that even though you never seem to say the right words, somehow, you really do get it and feel the same way.

It's the way I hold on to the most insignificant details.

Dear me, What are you doing to yourself?

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