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avaguerrerorest easy, daisy. (5/3/17) 🧡
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don’t read all the way through it’s truly a huge ramble that goes on forever


why doesn’t he like me?

why can’t i shove my big fat ugly legs into a pair of skinny jeans?

why does it seem like every time i blink the world gets a little bit worse?

why does it seem like i can’t keep a friend?

why do i think this way?

why do i feel so worthless?

why does my body turn against me at the sight of a needle?

or the sight of certain people.

why don’t they like me?

what did i do?

why am i so ugly?

why am i so useless?

why am i so lazy stupid sad crazy?

why do i have to be such a burden to my parents?

why does my therapy have to be so expensive?

why do i seem to only be able to talk about the bad things?

why can’t i just be happy for once?

why do i hate all my clothes?

why am i terrified to go to the pool in a bikini?

why can’t i just be myself?

why can’t i separate myself from the drama?

why does it follow me e v e r y w h e r e ?

why am i so annoying?

why can’t i just learn to shut up for once?

why does my family hate me?

why do i hate them?

why do my dogs never want to b with me?

why do i have to be so anxious all the time?

why can’t i just be calm and normal for once??

why is every word that someone says something that i take personally?

why can’t i get over it?

why can’t i stop thinking about the little tiny things that have no impact whatsoever on my life?

why can’t i keep an a in math?

why do my teachers hate me so much?

why do i need a separate test setting?

why do i need to be such a pain in the ass?

why can’t i just be a normal kid?

why can’t my life be normal?

why does everyone seem to think that i’m some immature annoying idiot who acts like they’re in the second grade?

maybe it’s because i am one.

why does my family feel the need to be so annoying?

why does my artwork suck so bad?

why can’t i just be happy with my body like everyone else?

why can’t i be normal?

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