Love By Chance
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A story of high school rivalry with someone as smart as you which made most of your school life miserable. But when times change.. will things change?

Love By Chance

I miss those times when we where in school. Life was simple ,so sorted , no worries, nothing. Well hi I am Avni ! Whenever I miss my school, memories rush in my mind.. some sweet , some bitter. and thats when I realized that there was someone who had been an asshole to me all time but times changed and so did things!

So thats basically me and Aryan ..oh wait.. lets begin from the start ! So this is Aryan Sharma. We were total opposites. He was a dumbass and I was better one[okay okay I was dumb too, but was better than him ] We had a total rivalry from the first day of school. Because we were equally smart and talented and eventually teachers would end upon us confused on choosing who is better.Nvm

We didn't agree to any statement and it was tough competition between us each and every single time.. gross! And then came the day.. Our teacher informed us that we had a inter school competition and it was a group participation and as you can assume we both were selected for the same team.

I could barely tolerate him for seconds and here we have spend freaking hours together playing as a team! ugh! that was pretty bad. So I was early as usual and had booked my seat. And he very suprisingly asked me,"Oh so you can be on time. Quiet impressive". The rage that arose in my soul was about to hit him down, but just for my school , I settled for something ,"We people don't have fortune as your mr perfect!"

So we won the competition and to my surprise I had a great day. So as we were leaving he called me," Hey Avni, so what about appreciation writing tomorrow at library?" I said," Don't be late as usual! "So things got well between us and we bonded as in friends. So it was the last lecture before break and he asked me to meet him near canteen.

Bell rang, I was completing my stuff and literally forgot about that.10 minutes left for the break to end and I realized about it. In a rush I went towards the canteen and saw him disappointed in the corner. I got towards him." Where the hell were you? I have been waiting here for past 20 minutes" I said" Sorry, I almost forgot about it. So, what's the matter?

He smirked and came towards me. I was confused. He came closer and whispered in my ear ,"I know we didn't had a great start but I want us good future." I laughed and said," Well it was a miserable start tho!" He placed his finger on my lips which made me nervous ,"shh! This is serious and I am 100% sure about this. I am immensely in love with you miss Avni Rao! Will you be my girlfriend?"

Wait..whattttt?? Did this boy who was a pain in my ass since the first day we ever meet now just said that he love me? How can this even happen? I am in a very bad situation right now. god please help me! Liked the story so far? if yes then please let me know ..the second part is coming super soon. till then think what Avni would reply!

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