This is what happens when your mind goes crazy
This is what happens when your mind goes crazy crazy stories

autumn63 Glerp Glop
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My mind has officially gone wild. I have created a random story. I wrote some of it on the prom padlet the other day and now I have finished my glorious strange story!

This is what happens when your mind goes crazy

Flabbergasted peanuts fell of the narrow cliffs into the stormy ocean of cabbages below the extremely cold sun.

Furthermore, exploding waffles drifted ashore and pierced the sand for absolutely no reason.

The rude volcanoes erupted suddenly and killed the waffles and peanuts while the mushy shelled turtles watched in anger.

Meanwhile, tarantulas wearing braces to improve their lovely smiles glared at the turtles, waiting to throw potatoes at them.

Eventually, a crazy tribe of monkeys launched a nuke which killed them all, only leaving the wise partitioned moose who ate plenty of chandeliers.

The moose travelled to an alternate dimension in which celery ate cows and cats lived on the sun.

The moose visited a horrible old dog and asked for an antidote to revive everyone In the world except for the awful tribe of monkeys that launched the nuke.

He was given the antidote but ran out of chandeliers to eat as he was about to go back to his dimension and use the antidote.

A wandering pig found his dead body and the antidote and traveled to his world and revived everyone becoming the ultimate necklace eating pig king that everyone obeyed.

One day, a young cow decided to create an army of pig eating lettuce plants to destroy the pig king. However, the pig king was strong and had also assembled an army.

Soon, a war broke out known as the, "The Great Pig and Lettuce War.

" This unsatisfying war lasted for two generations and the pig king had become practically immortal, but still, offspring of the lettuce fought.

One day, a descendant of the flabbergasted peanuts that had been extinct for years emerged.

This was a shock to the world, but what was even more of a shock was that the flabbergasted peanut joined the pig king's side of the war.

With the help of the flabbergasted peanut, all the lettuces were destroyed. The land fell silent amidst the lettuce corpses and surrendered to the glorious pig king.

This isn't the end of this suspenseful story though! The flabbergasted peanut betrayed the pig king shortly after the war, proving to not be the loyal asset to the pig king's rule.

The flabbergasted peanut slayed the pig with his own shell and stepped up to become an even more cruel dictator!

Years passed as more and more people converted to the peanut's side until the world turned dark, evil, and everyone became flabbergasted.

What no one expected was that an ultimate creature ate everything from above, including the animals. The creature was tall like a giant and seemed to have legs, arms, a body, and a face.

The creature was a human though the animals and plants didn't know that. Everything and everyone was destroyed, including the flabbergasted peanut.

The human cackled and sat in his lava filled throne of joyful jewels, floating in the bloated air.

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