Bucket-head Sam
Bucket-head Sam bucket stories

autumn63 Glerp Glop
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This is a very strange poem for the daily prompt, but whatever, I think the rhyme is decent!

Bucket-head Sam

Silly Sam had a bucket on his head

He wobbled around and crashed into walls

He made quite a racket all through the mall

Everyone in town came to see poor old Sam stumble through the halls

No matter what he tried, the bucket wouldn't budge

So Sam became known as "bucket head Sam"

He cried and cried and tried to hide, but bullies destroyed his remaining pride

Sorrowful Sam sat out in the rain for days and days in utter shame as people called him dreadful names

Rusted and tarnished the bucket became and the relieving time came to tug it off in fame

No longer was Sam so lame, now he was all the same

Silly Sam would always remember the time in his life where a bucket covered his lovely face in shame

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