Lost in the Fumes P.R. Wolf
Lost in the Fumes 

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A mind without ease

Lost in the Fumes P.R. Wolf

"I am the Power, I will hold on, I will harness you and Own you!" Damn you, You are not Real!

"I am the Power, I will hold on, I will harness you and Own you!" Though lost in the chaos of my Mind, swamped by images, I focus the burning core of my Will on this Incantation.

I build a revelry of flutes, pipes and tambourines, add the hurdy gurdy of lively march tunes. My Music swells, drawing nearer and nearer until an entire army of musicians are dancing through the streets and alleys of my Mind.

Now the Music and the Demon join, Black and sparkling Red whirlwinds, Towering columns of Rage rising to consume. "I am the Power, you may Not lose me, I will harness you and Own you!"

Through the smoke and shadows I peer to find the Demon's heart. Nothing, nothing but a vacuum. Vortex of empty space. Life without Meaning.

"I see you, I Name you, Demon, you are not Real!" Now the Play, shadowy forms leaping upon a stage, second pipes adding their eldritch voices to the Dance.

Writhing now in Fury, frustration, then burgeoning horrified Fear, as Power draws up from the Earth, Down from the Planets and the Moon,

Hair cascading streams of light from the Goddess, Warm rippling colors of Earth, Sky and Sun. Golden eyes shine, as her Cry pours forth in a torrent from her throat,

Life, Life, Life! Black columns twisting and writhing, howls that blast to the Stars; Unbearable agony, defeat, misery and at last, Shrieking, dying embers of futile hatred.

Smashed by Reality and Creation, Hurtled to utter oblivion, the last shreds of the Demon scatters. I am returned to my World.

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