The Real Me
The Real Me


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It is the truth

The Real Me

In the darkness of the night, In the absence of light, I break down due to the unfair ways of life.

The last glimmer of determination In my eyes turns into Withheld tears of distress.

My facade shatters Into a million crystals. Bathed in my tears, They shine in the silver of the moonlight.

In solitude, I assume my true form: A broken girl fighting against the world. The real me. My true self.

I take a dip In the river of jubilant memories, That flows in between The tall mountains of delusion. That shield me away from the cruelty of life.

I journey Through the valleys of haughtiness and vanity, The air filled with The mellifluous voice of my victories. Over the abrupt cliffs of anger and disbelief, Into the deep chasm of anguish.

As the day breaks, And the night dissolves, The jibing pieces of my facade FIt back together.

I don it as an armor, And prepare for another day of war In the inevitable battle of life.

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