A Few Questions With Tessonja Odette
A Few Questions With Tessonja Odette   writing stories
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A Few Questions With Tessonja Odette

I got started writing when I was a kid

I was always writing and creating stories

I wrote my first full length novel when I was 18..

and then spent the next 15 years re-writing it!


Rowling is my favorite author to be inspired by because she overcame so much to get where she is now

My favorite author to read, however, is Patricia A


Her books made me fall in love with my genre (fantasy) in a way no author books had before

My ideas and inspiration come from daydreaming as well as an accumulation of much-loved scenes, scenarios, and characters from my favorite books and movies

My first novel takes inspiration from The Last Unicorn, Stardust, and Mists of Avalon

When I get writer’s block, the first thing I do is check in with myself

I like to note what emotions, fears, or thoughts are coming up

I note whether I feel anxious, bored, distracted, tired, etc

Then I try to see where these things are stemming from

I try to see if there’s a reason behind what I’m experiencing

Am I not satisfied with my story? Does something about the plot just not feel right? Am I worried about something? Am I distracted by fear or self doubt? Did I not eat a good breakfast?

Do I need tea?

Once I understand why I’m experiencing writer’s block, I then ask myself what feels right to do next both for my story and myself

Do I push through and write anyway? Do I take a break? Do I smooth out the plot? Pet my dog? What feels good? What does my story need?

I allow myself to follow what feels right in that moment without worrying about tomorrow or the next day

Often we make writer’s block a bigger deal than it is because we fear we’ll never get over it..

which ends up being a self fulfilling prophecy because we remain focused on the problem instead of looking for a creative solution

But I’ve found that when I address the reasons behind why I’m feeling stuck or uninspired, and act accordingly without judging myself, I get over it much quicker

My advice to you writers: define your WHY

Know why you write, both for you and for your intended audience

Knowing why you are doing this for YOU is so important, especially when outside validation isn’t there

Knowing how your writing serves your audience (and yes, writing of EVERY genre serves a purpose!) helps us stay motivated when we’d rather be lazy

Decide what success means to you in the long run,

but also identify little successes every step of the way so you are constantly celebrating achievements and feeling good about your growth and accomplishments

Whether you wrote a five words today or finished your first book, celebrate!

Forget about failure, and decide that failure doesn’t exist as long it brings an experience you can learn from

This cuts out SO much fear!

Whenever you feel self doubt, writer’s block, criticism, or you feel you’ve made a mistake, don’t define it

Don’t let it mean anything about YOU

Just see what you can learn from it, then move on

You are not the struggles you face or the mistakes you make; you are awesome and capable of amazing things!

I think what separates a good writer from a great one is your own mindset

You have to believe in yourself, in your work, in your passion, before anyone else does

No one has the right to decide what kind of writer you are but you

Outside opinion is just that—opinion

Everyone has a different one and no two people think alike

There is no author on the planet who is unanimously deemed “great,” no best selling author without at least a handful of one star reviews

See your own greatness, and allow others to see it too, and don’t let outside validation (or the lack of) define you

My short term goals are to finish the final book in my YA fantasy trilogy and release it by the end of 2018, publish a couple non fiction books I’ve had brewing, and keep growing as an author!

In the long term my goals are to publish at least three books a year, earn enough money to travel out of the country at least once a year, and meet J.K

Rowling :)

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