Skywatch chapter 1 Part 1
Skywatch chapter 1 Part 1 skywatch stories

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Skywatcher's day started out normally but just couldn't stay that way.

Skywatch chapter 1 Part 1

I lay in bed, wide awake but still sleepy. I didn't want to move a muscle. I just groaned and lay there in the warmth underneath my covers.

But I couldn't ignore my little sister's instant pounding the door. So I stood up, pushing my warm, white covers to the side.

"Yes Erna?

" I asked groggily as I pulled open the door to reveal my short, 12 year old sister standing in the doorway,

the tassels on the end of her snow-white dress fraying from how often she plays with them. Her grayish hair wavy and curly with extra bounce.

Her periwinkle blue eyes standing out against her deathly pale skin.

"Do you want to play with me?" She asked innocently. I glanced back at the clock.

"No," I answered. But Erna wasn't going to accept that unless I had a reason. So I added, "Because I have to go to school."

"But not right now." She pointed out.

"Sometimes you remind me of a sassy, snappy, 5 year old rather than a 12 year old," I put my hands on my hips. "And besides, I still have to get ready!" I shot back and pushed past her.

Erna seemed hurt.

"You only treat me this way because the elders won't give my name and I don't have powers yet."

"Erna, I'm as powerless as you. And the elders will give you a name. They just need the right time. And that time isn't right now."

"I don't wanna be Erna forever! I wanna be something like you. Skywatcher. Not Erna. Cinderfall. Not Erna. Those names we spent hours thinking of? I still wanna be Ghostheart.

Don't you remember?" Erna looked about ready to cry.

"I..." I paused.

"You don't. I knew you wouldn't. Why would you? You're Skywatcher now. I'm still Erna," I suddenly felt guilty. I looked away. "They won't name me because they're scared of me.

That's why isn't it? You won't play with me because you're scared. I'm too strange for you, or Mommy, or Daddy," She started to cry harder. "Nobody loves me.

I'm too scary," I reached out to give her a hug, to say something, but she just slapped my hand away with such an angry force I didn't understand where it came from at the time. "Too scary.

All because I'm an orphan. All because I'm too pretty. All because no one has looked like me for years." Erna ran away.

Erna was viewed as the prettiest young girl in the city, no, all of Vesporia, but yet no one wanted to go near her. Erna was also viewed as dangerous and scary because of her strange looks.

But I didn't see her that way.

Yes you do. You need to. The voice in my head screamed but I didn't know where it came from. It didn't really seem like me talking, yet I knew it was my thoughts. I knew that it was me.

I shook my head and got ready for school, slinging my ivy-colored backpack over my shoulder. The doorbell rang just as I got to the door. I pulled it open.

"Hey Skywatcher!" Cinderfall stood there, her gray-red hair pulled back into a short ponytail. Her eyes are the color of a firepit.

"Why so gloomy?" She asked, a serious expression crossing her face and then leaving as fast as a cloud over the sun.

"Oh, Erna being ridiculous again." I stated like it was a normal thing.

Cinderfall nodded solemnly.

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