We. (the dream of dreams)
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I’m looking for a place, a very specific place...

We. (the dream of dreams)

I'm looking for a place.

A very specific place.

One where it seems time itself disappears on a daydream, as it slowly flutters by the dark side of the Moon.

There I will find the kind of mind designed to try more than three times.

Like the crash of every wave, rocking at the ship of our desires.

The haze that dazes us when our heart's've been lit on fire.

That beam of light, that's so bright,

it shines on every part of dark our heart's ever sparked.

That's where I'll find her..

The dream of dreams.

The song music sings.

The wish of a thought as love bursts at the seams.

That dramatic, fanatic, most fantastic of things.

She's a treasure of forever I've just been waiting to see.

So, I'm looking for that place.

That very specific place.

Where eternity cashes itself in for tomorrow, because you can only measure time with a heartbeat.

Like every moment spent is never withdrawn nor compromised.

The place full of space to erase the many ways in which we have been left in pain and lies.

Where the electric current we're stirring, crashes like exciting lighting inside.

That's where I'll find her..

The dream of dreams.

The song music sings.

The feeling inside that only love brings.

That dramatic, fanatic, most fantastic of Beings.

She's the treasure of forever that's been waiting for me.

This is here, now, and forever, my clever endeavor.

A story that begins at the end, and falls backwards, just when her...

Heart's flame is set ablaze, twirled on desire,

but I don't want to set the world on fire.

I just want to find that place,

That very specific place.

And when I find it, she'll find me,

and finally,

our souls will burn complete,

eternally, her and me,

meant to be.


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