Still, I Stand
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austingood2 26. Musician. Attempting to Write
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Like the eye of the storm, The beauty of her soul is calm.

Still, I Stand

Like the eye of the storm,

The beauty of her soul is calm.

Surrounded yet by looming Darkness,

Unaware of the destruction that surrounds.

Still I stand, for the anxiety crippled me.

Yet In in this moment, I'm dismayed.

For there's reassurance in her calming wind

That brushes against my face like the ghost of a lover in the night

Knowing at any moment the calm will pass,

And I could be swept away,

destroyed by the strength in your crashing waves.

Still I stand, for in this moment there is clarity.

Her strength reveals itself in the crashing tides

Sweeping parts of me into the sea with every wave

While bringing me new life and solid foundation to strengthen me.

For I am the shores and my Dear,

Your beauty shakes me to my core.

And when all passes and I watch you move slowly farther out to sea

I pray to God I'll be blessed by your presence again.

Still I stand, for her grace has saved me.

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