The Glass Slipper
The Glass Slipper  fairytale stories

aurialis Community member
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When the glass slipper fits...

The Glass Slipper

by aurialis

"I do" he said. And we were married. I was a royal princess now, next Queen.

I smiled in exaltation. It was indeed true.... you have to work hard for a happy ending!

I reminisced the day that the Prince came to my house....

I smiled at him as I tried the glass slipper....

When it fit me.... our joy was unmatched!

The sweat and pain it took to make this wedding a success was unparalleled.

But here we are married and happy!

I felt a twinge of remorse for my sister....

But she deserved what she got! If only she had not made such a mess of things....

And been more sensible.... She would have been here.

But no!

And now.....

She was lying in a ditch dead somewhere, covered in cinders, While I.....

I was married to her Prince!

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