My Son
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My Son

by aurialis

The first time my son asked for a new toy and I didn't have enough money, He cried and wailed... I gave in and bought him the toy with grocery money.

Next time he asked for a video game and I refused, He bought it with stolen money from my purse... I was disappointed and kept silent.

Another time when he wanted a car without working for it, He bought it by forging my signature on the cheque... I neither went to the bank nor the police.

Then he wanted a lavish wedding, He asked for my savings.... I had learnt to give in.

When he wanted investment for his new business start-up, He mortgaged our home... I had no say anymore.

Today, He is in jail, And I am in an old age home.

If only....

If only, I had learnt to say 'NO' the first time he asked for the toy...

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