Baby Girl

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Story of a daughter!

Baby Girl

by aurialis

Day 1 My mama and daddy showed how much they love each other.

Day 7 I attached myself to mama for food. Mama is going care for me until I can live without her.

5 weeks My heart starts to beat.

6 weeks I have a face now. I hope my eyes take after my mama.

8 weeks I look at my hands and feet in wonder. My fingers are so tiny.

15 weeks I can now know whether it is a day or night.

18 weeks I start kicking. I am going to be careful so I don't hurt mama.

19 weeks Today is a big day. My mama and daddy are going to find out whether I am a girl or a boy.

20 week I can hear my mama and daddy. Are they shouting? And fighting?

Next day Is my mama crying? I don't want her to cry. I love her so much. Why is papa not doing anything?

Another day passes Maybe something is wrong. Daddy has brought mama to hospital. Everything will be alright mama.

No! I dont understand. Somebody tell them I cannot live without mama yet!

Don't they love me? Then I hear mama saying: "I love you baby girl.... but you are a GIRL. Goodbye. "

But mama.... You were a baby girl too. I just wanted to be like you...

SAVE GIRL CHILD! They are your mother, sister and wife. Give her a chance to become a daughter!

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jordanBronze Commai'm moderately cool
6 months agoReply
this is so good. and so sad!!! i hope more people see this!

6 months agoReply
@tdog16 Thank you. What is unfortunate is that this a true story in so many places!

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
6 months agoReply
Awe this is so sad:( You had a beautiful beginning where everything was perfect and then the twist came into play. We got to experience how the baby felt before it was destroyed letting us connect deeper and understand the importance of this message. Very beautiful story!