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Story of a daughter!

Baby Girl

by aurialis

Day 1 My mama and daddy showed how much they love each other.

Day 7 I attached myself to mama for food. Mama is going care for me until I can live without her.

5 weeks My heart starts to beat.

6 weeks I have a face now. I hope my eyes take after my mama.

8 weeks I look at my hands and feet in wonder. My fingers are so tiny.

15 weeks I can now know whether it is a day or night.

18 weeks I start kicking. I am going to be careful so I don't hurt mama.

19 weeks Today is a big day. My mama and daddy are going to find out whether I am a girl or a boy.

20 week I can hear my mama and daddy. Are they shouting? And fighting?

Next day Is my mama crying? I don't want her to cry. I love her so much. Why is papa not doing anything?

Another day passes Maybe something is wrong. Daddy has brought mama to hospital. Everything will be alright mama.

No! I dont understand. Somebody tell them I cannot live without mama yet!

Don't they love me? Then I hear mama saying: "I love you baby girl.... but you are a GIRL. Goodbye. "

But mama.... You were a baby girl too. I just wanted to be like you...

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