Smokey Rooms
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As I walk through smokey rooms Shisha pipes alit, the sight of plumes

Smokey Rooms

As I walk through smokey rooms

Shisha pipes alit, the sight of plumes

Whispers of the burning tobacco

Litter the room with smells of mango

The smells of mint and fruit combine

Black teas brewing, dominos align

Gambling games of back gammon play

Resting on couches, a colourful display

As I walk through smokey rooms I struggle to recall

Memories, short and long, despite giving it my all

I sit with my husband, he asks what's the matter

Nothing my love, I think its my hunger

He summons the waiter upon the table

Middle eastern cuisine, bring what's available

I sit quietly there, aware but bogged

By the depression-anxiety brain fog

The shisha coals do burn with much vigor

The smoke drifts upward, the clouds grow bigger

Lips to the pipe, inhale, exhale

I cough and cough to no avail

The twisted thing about puffing smoke

That as much as it hurts, there's sweet comfort

In the sweet tastes and smells consumed

The various flavours of tobacco loom

As I walk through smokey rooms, symptoms ever present

My focus a loss, lack of clarity evident

The tricky thing is people never do see

How much the smoke silently consumes me

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