Igniting the Fire
Igniting the Fire supernatural stories

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Blinking rapidly, I pick my face up off the disgusting mattress I'm sprawled out on. My hands are bound with a thick rope in front of me, and I don't remember how I got here, or where here is.

Igniting the Fire

Ari's a fiesty, competitive, stubborn, determined, and smart mouthed eighteen year old gymnast, and according to her a normal human being.

She unfortunately has no idea the secrets her blood contains ....

She soon will however ....

Her life consists of training, and training. She feels like she can take the time out later to make friends and have a life after she wins those gold medals at the Olympics.

Gymnastics is her life.

It's what all her dreams are about. It's all she's worked for since she was seven. It's what her whole perfect life plan revolves around.

What happens when her life derails entirely from what she has planned?

How will she handle being thrust into a world she never knew about, and straight into the hands of a madman who tortures, and cages her for over a year.

She finds herself trapped inside the body of a wolf until help arrives from a very unlikely source.

She's again thrust into a world she knows nothing about, but now the rules have changed.

She's gotten used to the darkness that surrounds her life, but it's the spark inside her that lights the way for all that is to come.

And no one is prepared for what's to come.

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