Passion for Destruction
Passion for Destruction sad stories

augustvillagome Community member
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Passion for Destruction

Winter is coming All I see is cigarette smoke The night air puts a smile On your face Or was it just me, when I walked through the door....?

I'm just a sucker for love In my mind I just need someone to hold. It's how I feel I belong.. It's the only way I know how to hope

Help me cope When i reach for the rope My passion is destructive if you didn't know...

Destructive with this passion yeah i love when you notice me in your world...

Wrap your arms around my throat press your kiss against my soul And let your lips do all the work...

Let your heart defuse the bomb in my chest and keep my mind at ease before it explodes

It's all in my head But you want me to need your love with every breath

It's a crazy love that drives me If I'm drunk don't judge me

It's all in my head But you need me to want you until our death... The End

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