It's Not Me
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audreycave 19 year old Iowa Girl
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I still love my him

***The pic at the very end is me***

It's Not Me

I cheated on you more than once.

I cut your heart to shreds.

But now instead of keeping hope,

I’m losing it instead.

I’m slowly giving up on us.

There’s nothing left to mend.

Just broken, sacred memories

I keep inside my head.

I miss your silly, quirky self.

I miss what we once had.

The thought of losing who we are

Is messing with my head.

I want to know you’ll always love.

Don’t forget that piece.

But I give up,

I’m hurting you.

I guess it’s meant to be.

Go rediscover love.

Go find yourself again.

Be who you really want to be.

Go love someone.

And cherish them.

That someone isn’t me.

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