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by audracampbell

One day I saw a man in a restaurant where I went to dine. He sat around a table adjacent to me and I tell you, he really looked fine;

It seems when nature was distributing looks he was in the front of the line And being greedy he took a large portion, like three persons’ share combine.

He manages and wears the looks well but unfortunately, it confused my little mind. I know so because when I took up the phone to call a friend, I dialed six instead of nine

And so the call went to someone else who was busy worshipping in a shrine. Come to think of it, shouldn't that person turn off the phone and focus on activities that are divine?

I guess people nowadays are saying with advanced technology they are no longer confine. Anyway, I'll not change the topic about that man who is fearfully and wonderfully design

Nature makes men for women to see but some I believe outshine. Hence, nature should be blamed for the confusion as it was no fault of mine.

As I waited around my table to be served, 'Mr. Good-looks' called the waiter and ordered a bottle of wine.

He then started eating but within seconds, I had my face on the table because my oh my! Good-looks ate like a hungry swine.

I then thought he was probably too hungry and so in my chair I reclined. After he fed his hungry tummy, he then got up to pay his bill but 'attached' from his waist down, was a horrible sign.

He had on a closely fitted Jeans pants that I’m sure later on may have a negative impact on his spine To make matters worse, not only was it tight but it was positioned way below his behind.

Plus his underwear was showing and I’m almost sure it was telling me to ‘read between the lines’. I was so shocked that instantly in my mind’s eyes, his good looks started to decline.

I no longer thought he was in nature’s good looks front line And if he had come over to say, ‘With such beauty I want to make you mine’

I would say, “No way! You are not a manly-man so for you, I no longer pine. You need to be educated about eating and dressing properly before asking any woman to be thine.”

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