Solace and daisies
Solace and daisies love2016 stories

auburnstar musician, student, explorer of life
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Solace and daisies

by auburnstar

lilac colours by the sea, collagen arms squeeze and embrace, wrapping around like a fortress, walls of expanding amber hues, ebbing and flowing.

autumn i remember that summer how you never called but would always appreciate the flowers that i left buttercups and daisies "signature move". you laughed.

intertwining of hearts like ragged linen, we broke and defined expectation, the margins between pages and photographs, remnants of past times.

i hope you remember the buttercups i know that i do. every green stem reminds me of green dress, green eyes, green bracelet. every white petal becomes a white collar.

winter. all the daisies are gone now. replaced by lilies. maybe this time, i'll plant lines of purple in my garden. but i won't forget that smell... flowering daisies.

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