The Bells
The Bells christmas stories
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aubreyrockholtJust trying to make it.
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Dog under the bed?

The Bells

I woke up to the sound of bells jingling in my room.

I thought it was Santa's sleigh but it's only December 15th.

I thought it may have been my dog, since he has a bell on his collar.

I got up to kick him out from under the bed, but there was no dog under the bed. Instead it was...

An elf!

One of Santa's actual elves were under MY bed! But what was he doing there?

After I got calmed down from either being scared or excited or both. I asked him what he was doing.

He told me Santa sends all the elves that don't build toys to go under all the children's bed to be a spy.

So, that's how he knows if we've been bad or good!

The elf, who's name was mint. Said he made a mistake by wearing his shoes with bells on them.

He asked if I would keep it a secret from Santa that I found him. I told him sure, only if he keeps me tying my brother to a tree in a snowstorm a secret also ;)

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