I miss you
I miss you fuck cancer stories
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Fuck you cancer

By: Aubrey rockholt

I miss you

By Aubrey Rockholt

Grandma it's been 2 almost going on 3 years without you here now.

It's been hard so many things have changed, some good some bad.

I miss seeing you, hearing you, visiting with you.

I think I may have let you down, and I'm sorry. All I wanna do is give you some bullshit excuse as to why, but you see right through me.

You used to visit me in my dreams, but that stopped awhile ago. I wish it hadn't.

You have a new grandchild, she's a girl! I'll make sure she knows all about you. I wish she could have met you!

I miss you grandma, I hate that cancer took you. I just pray that you're happy and well now.

I love you.

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