I hate you... wait I love you
I hate you... wait I love you  lies stories

aubreyrockholtJust trying to make it.
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You said you cared. But was that another one of your lies?

I hate you... wait I love you

Story by, Aubrey Rockholt

I hate you for what you did to me.

You made it seem like you cared about me.

Always giving compliments, always trying to make the future sound so beautiful.

You said you wanted to be with me.

But I should have known, you didn't wanna be with me for me. No one ever does.

Once you got what you really wanted you were gone, just like the rest.

I should have said no, I knew what your intentions were but I still let you break me.

Now I'm the one awake at 3 am wondering if I hate you or love you, or, maybe both.

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