A Bedtime Story
A Bedtime Story blank verse stories

atwojay Poet, lover, thinker, human.
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Come over here and listen to my tale.

A Bedtime Story

Come over here and listen to my tale;

Sit here beside me on this little chair,

And I will tell you all and without fail

I'll speak of heroes rare and ladies fair.

What story would you like to hear tonight?

Shall it be Bilbo's quest to find the gold

In the dark mountain horde with little light,

And how he found the Ring in caverns cold?

Or would you rather hear of Aslan's land,

Where the harsh men change their ways or lose the fight,

Some of the beasts can speak and stand,

And Reepicheep the mouse is one I choose to emulate?

Or shall I tell of others?

Come here and tell me what you wish, my brothers.

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