Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 4)
Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 4) marvel comics stories

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MEANWHILE... Ernn, Jeremiah, Darius, and his crew meet Isaiah. Isaiah's bodyguards inspect them, and the bag, then they let them get into the VIP zone.

Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 4)


Ernn, Jeremiah, Darius, and his crew meet Isaiah. Isaiah's bodyguards inspect them, and the bag, then they let them get into the VIP zone.

"You must be Jeremiah!", a muscular black man with dreads says to Jeremiah as Jeremiah and his crew enters the room.

Jeremiah: "Yeah... A pleasure to meet you, Mister Williams."

Isaiah: "Isaiah... I will rather be called Isaiah."

Jeremiah and Ernn sit as the rest of the crew stand behind them.

Isaiah: "What do you wish to drink?"

Jeremiah: "Oh, don't worry, sir! I'm fine!"

Isaiah: "I insist!"

Jeremiah: "Whiskey?"

Isaiah stands up, walks up to his private bar, and serves Jeremiah his drink.

"What about you?", Isaiah says to Ernn as he serves Jeremiah's drink.

Ernn: "Same as him."

"So you brought me the bag, right?", Isaiah asks Jeremiah as he walks to him with his and Ernn's drink.

"Yes, sir! And thanks for the drinks!", Jeremiah says as he grabs his drink.

"How much is it for the services?", Isaiah says as he takes his seat.

"Half a million dollars like we agreed.", Jeremiah says to Isaiah, as Ernn seriously looks at him.

"I have a better deal! After that job that you guys did, you definitely deserve it, but I'm in need of men...

I'll give you five million dollars if you give me the package and you along with your gang works for me.", Isaiah says as he smokes a cigar.

Jeremiah: "With all due respect, sir, I'm not planning on working for anybody, and I can't do

my people like that... The answer is no."

"I really admire those who, no matter what, still loyal to their people, but sometimes it's better to think about yourself before other people!

", Isaiah says as he exhales the smoke of the cigar out of his lungs.

"I'm sorry, sir, but you are not going to change my mind. As I said before, the answer is no.", Jeremiah says as he stands up and takes the bag with him.

"Kid, you are about to make a mistake that you are about to regret.", Isaiah says as he continues smoking his cigar.

"And I don't think so. I'm more than sure that there are people out there that are willing to pay more than half a million and that would stay true to their word.

", Jeremiah, while angrily says to Isaiah before leaving the room with his crew, except for Ernn, who's quickly chugging the drink.

"Thanks for the whiskey, sir.", Ernn says after finishing the glass of whiskey.

Isaiah Williams doesn't reply to Ernn's appreciation for the drink but instead looks at him seriously in the eyes.

After a couple of seconds of Ernn realizing this, he stands up and leaves the room. As soon as Ernn leaves the club, he walks to Jeremiah, who's hanging out with his friends in the parking lot.

"Nigga, what the fuck is wrong with you!", Ernn says to Jeremiah as he approaches him.

"Let me deal with this nigga.", Darius says to Jeremiah as he walks to Ernn.

"Nigga, we don't want to hear---", Darius says to Ernn before quickly getting knocked out by Ernn.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! The fuck is wrong with you man!?", Jeremiah says as he quickly rushes towards Darius to check on him.

"I told you that this shit was going to happen, but you didn't listen to me! I have a family who cares about me, and now they are in danger because you didn't listen to me!

", Ernn while madly yells to Jeremiah.

Jeremiah: "Nigga, calm the fuck down! Nothing is going to happen---"

"I told you about him and his people, but you didn't listen to me, and because of it the people who actually fucking cares about me are now going to be dead, and all of it will be your fault!

", Ernn yells at Jeremiah.

Jeremiah upon hearing this, he slowly stands up and walks up to Ernn.

"Who "actually" fucking cares about you, huh? Your mom? The same person who fed your uncle to SHIELD---", Jeremiah says before getting punched in the face.

At Jeremiah falling to the ground, the rest of his crew point at Ernn with their guns.

After a couple of seconds on the ground Jeremiah stands up with his broken lip and wipes the blood off it with his hands.

"And let's not waste more time with this dude. Get Darius and let's get the fuck out of here.", Jeremiah says to his crew as he starts walking back to his car.

Jeremiah and Ernn mutually stare with hatred at each other until eventually, Jeremiah and his crew finally get inside their vehicle and leave.

After watching Jeremiah and his crew go, Ernn starts walking his way back home.

As Ernn starts walking back home, Elise and her friends come drunk out of the club.

Elise: "Guys, should we call a taxi?"

Jessica: "Hope, we are fine... and we aren't that drunk! We'll drive slow!"

Elise: "I'll pay for the taxi!"

"Uhhhhhh... Jessica, it seems that your friend is scared of you crashing against her

little castle!", one of the guys hanging out with them says.

Elise: "Fuck you, Shawn!"

Jessica laughs.

Jessica: "I'm not that drunk, guys! Neither are any of you! We are just a little... tipsy!"

Elise: "Jess, we can just call a taxi! Is not really that hard!"

Shawn: "We don't have time to waste waiting for a taxi, my lady!"

"Come on, Shawn. Just stop.", Jake says while disgusted at his friend, Shawn.

"Elise, we are going to be fine! We are going to drive low! If something happens, I'll protect you by holding you in my arms!", Jake says to Elise.

"Okay... Fine...", Elise, while uncomfortable, says to Jake.

"Finally!", Jessica says out loud as she celebrates.

Elise: "Let's just get in the car! It's too cold out here!"

Elise, Jessica and her friends finally get inside the car.

Jake: "I was thinking that maybe we should go to my house and---"

"No, thanks. You are not my type.", Elise says to Jake as she makes distance between them.


Ernn finally gets to his house and silently opens the door of it, but upon getting inside, he is surprised by his mom.

Nicole: "The school called. They said that you haven't been showing up for the past three


Ernn: "Mom, I can expl---"

"---Bullshit! You promised me that you weren't going to see those fucking kids ever

again, yet you still doing the same shit, lying to me like if I was stupid or something!", Nicole says to his son while mad.

Ernn: "Mom, I---"

"---You know something, Ernn! I'm tired of this shit! I was trying to be a good mother by giving you the freedom that kids at your age should have.

Still, you have broken my trust over and over again without feeling any remorse! I'm transferring you to military

school!", Nicole says as she continues ranting on her son.

"You know something! I'm also tired of this shit! I'm tired of this city, and I'm tired of you, so yes...

Go ahead and send me away like how you did with Amy and Uncle Devan---", Ernn says before getting slap by his mom.

"Don't you fucking dare talk like that to me!", Nicole says to Ernn as she, while mad, starts to cry.

There's a brief silence when suddenly Ernn starts unlocking the door.

"Ernn, what are you doing?", Nicole asks while angry.

"Getting the fuck out of this place.", Ernn says as he opens the door.

"Ernn... If you leave, don't you ever come back.", Nicole says to Ernn before Ernn leaving the house.

As soon as Ernn leaves the house and starts walking down the streets, he can see a group of SUVs driving towards him.

At realizing what is about to happen, Ernn quickly runs back to his door and knocks on his house door.

"Mom, you need to let me in now! They are coming for you!", Ernn yells to his mom as she stands on the other side of the door, crying.

Suddenly, Ernn quickly comes out of his room.

Nicole: "How did you---"

"--- There's no time for questions! You need to leave now!", Ernn says while afraid for his mother.

Nicole: "Why!? This is my fucking house! The hell is wrong with you!"

Ernn: "Can you please stop being a goddamn maniac for just a minute!? You are in danger! You need to leave now!"

Nicole: "Why!?"

The group of SUVs stops in front of his house. Nicole moves the window curtains to see who's outside. Isaiah gets out of his vehicle with one of his gang members.

Isaiah: "Tell the others to surround the house!"

Gang member #1: "As you wish!"

Isaiah walks towards their door and knocks on it. Ernn quickly grabs a baseball bat that was by the door.

Nicole: "Ernn, what have you done?"

Ernn: "Mom, you need to leave now!"

Nicole: "Why!? Who are they!?"

"Just leave!", Ernn screams while mad.

Nicole: "How!?"

At Nicole, asking how Ernn quickly runs towards his mom and hugs her.

"Come on... Come on... Come on!", Ernn says as he paranoidly hugs his mom.

Nicole: "Ernn, what's happening!?"

Ernn: "Fuck... Leave through the back window."

"Ernn, what's happening!?", Nicole says while she cries.

Ernn: "Mom, just leave!"

At hearing this, Nicole finally hurries up and manages her way out of the house.

Isaiah: "Hey kid, open the door!"

Ernn: "What do you want!?"

Isaiah: "Just open the door!"

Ernn: "I won't until you tell me what you want!"

"I said open the fucking door!", Isaiah says before opening the door with a kick.

Ernn is pushed by the door, causing him to violently fall to the ground. Then Ernn while panicking, stands up and gets the bat to attack Isaiah.

While trying to hit Isaiah with the bat, Ernn is immediately knocked out by Isaiah.


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