Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 3)
Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 3) marvel comics stories

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AT THE SAMETIME... On the sidewalk of one of the neighborhoods of South Baltimore, Ernn is awaiting for a friend when suddenly a black two thousand and twelve Dodge Charger with tinted windows stops near him.

Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 3)


On the sidewalk of one of the neighborhoods of South Baltimore, Ernn is awaiting for a friend when suddenly a black two thousand and twelve Dodge Charger with tinted windows stops near him.

Suddenly, the window of the passenger seat opens.

"What are you waiting for? Are you going to get in the car or you going to keep staring at my car like the fool you are?", Jeremiah says to Ernn as Ernn while maddened stares at him.

Ernn: "Nigga, shut up! You told me you will meet here at eight in the fucking morning, not at fucking noon!"

Jeremiah: "Nigga, shut your ass up and get in the car!"

"You are always complaining!", Jeremiah says to Ernn as he gets in the car.

"Nigga, shut up!", Ernn says to Jeremiah as he laughs.

Ernn: "Did you saw on the news what happened at that morgue here in Baltimore."

Jeremiah: "Yeah, bro, but that kinda shit doesn't surprise me anymore. This place is a warzone. Some kill to eat; others kill for fun."

"So what are we doing today?", Ernn curiously asks Jeremiah.

"Today is payday! We are delivering the bag to Williams, but first, we are going to pick Darius and some homies up!", Jeremiah replies to Ernn.

"Man, you have to be kidding me! That nigga almost got us killed, and you are telling me that we are going to still hang out with him!?", Ernn says while mad.

Jeremiah: "Bro, first of all, that nigga who you are talking about took a bullet to the face for us. Second of all, if it wasn't for him, we would all be in jail."

"Nigga, the dumbass let that bitch grab the gun and shoot him in the face, and because of it, I had to make her drop it, so she didn't get to any of us.

Apart from it, the dumbass took his mask off and took his long-ass time to put that bitch to sleep just to show how much of a gangster he is, so no.

That nigga didn't take a bullet for us neither saved us from going to jail. As a matter of fact, we almost went to jail because of his stupid ass.", Ernn says to Jeremiah while maddened.

"Nigga, whatever! The past is the past, and I'm not mad at him. If you are then good for you.", Ernn says to avoid talking about the topic.

"Do you really want to give the bag to Williams?", Ernn asks Jeremiah after a brief silence.

"Nigga, are you scared!?", Jeremiah asks Ernn as he makes fun of him.

Ernn: "Man, I ain't scared of him or any of his cheapass "gangsters"! I'm just asking because, according to what I know that nigga is ruthless...

Who knows if that nigga was the one who killed all those people at that morgue."

"You scared!", Jeremiah says as he laughs.

Ernn: "Nigga, I'm not scared, but I don't want to die at the hand of a fucking merciless psychopath!"

"Man and listen, there might be a slight chance this nigga was the one who shot up the morgue, but that's it! And even if he was the one who did that, why would he kill us?

The man is swimming in money, and you think he will rather shoot us than giving us a small fraction of his money?", Jeremiah asks Ernn as he shakes his head.

Ernn: "Man, and forget about it!"

After another brief silence, Jeremiah takes out a joint, lights it, and start smoking.

"Just smoke this shit! That should help with your worries of getting your ass shot!", Jeremiah says as he gives his joint to Ernn.

"Amy is coming.", Ernn says as he starts taking hits off his joint.

Jeremiah: "When is she coming?"

Ernn: "In about two months."

Jeremiah: "And that's good, bro. Last time she was here was like a year or two years ago, right?"

Ernn: "Yeah... something like that."

"You don't sound too happy about your cousin coming home... Why is that?", Jeremiah curiously asks.

Ernn: "Is not that I'm not happy that she's coming... It's just that I'm busy with my own shit, and I don't want her to be part of any of it..."

Jeremiah: "Does she goes around readi...?"

"No, and she doesn't, but she's curious, and she likes getting into people's businesses at times.", Ernn says as he continues smoking.

"Well, then I'll continue keeping my distance before she goes to your mom and tells her about my darkest secrets.", Jeremiah says as he laughs.

"Whatever.", Ernn says as he shakes his head.


Ernn, Jeremiah, Darius, and along with some other friends arrive at a club in downtown Baltimore.

"So this is the hideout of William and his "Unseen", right?", Ernn asks Jeremiah as they walk through the entrance of the extravagant club.

"Yeap... This should give you an idea of how much money is on the table.", Jeremiah replies as he contemplates the club.

"Nigga, and I don't know. I'm getting bad vibes from this place. You sure you want to make a deal with this dude.", Ernn says to Jeremiah.

"Bro, stop being a pussy and man up! We have no time for your complaints!", Darius says to Ernn.

"Nigga, was I talking to you!? Did I mention your name or asked for your opinion!?", Ernn says as he looks at Darius with disgust.

Darius: "No, you didn't, but I don't want to hear about your sissy ass, and I bet they don't want to either."

At Darius replying to Ernn with this, Ernn, while angered, approaches him, but Jeremiah gets on his way.

"Whoa... Whoa... Man and chill out.", Jeremiah says as he holds Ernn.

"You all keep walking on to the second floor. I'll meet you there in a minute.", Jeremiah says to Darius and the rest as he stays with Ernn.

"Man, what's going on? Why are you acting so paranoid?", Jeremiah asks Ernn.

Ernn: "Listen, you are about to make a deal with the leader of the most powerful gang here in Maryland. This dude is above the system.

This dude is above everything, and the people who back him up are even more powerful than him."

Jeremiah: "Ernn... the dude asked us to get this for him, and that's what we did. This is just a simple deal, and that's it."

Ernn: "What if you just keep it until you find someone willing to pay whatever you ask for it instead of giving it to him?"

Jeremiah: "Ernn, he's already giving us big money for whatever this thing is. Besides that, you know my situation and you know that I need that money like now...

Listen man, I didn't drag you into any of this. As a matter of fact, you asked to be part of it, but if you feel that you don't want to continue with this, then it's all alright with me."

"I got to keep going. If you want to, you can wait for me in the car.", Jeremiah says to Ernn as he starts walking towards his friends.

Ernn stares at his friend in dismay as he walks away when suddenly he changes his mind and proceeds to follow him.

As Ernn starts following his friend, he accidentally bumps into a beautiful girl causing the girl's drinks to spill all over her shirt.

"Oh, shit! I wasn't paying attention to my surroundings! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!", Ernn says as the girl stares at him.

"It's... alright.", the girl says as Ernn gets lost in her eyes.

Ernn: "I'll pay for your drinks."

Elise: "No, and it's alright---"

"Please, I insist.", Ernn says.

"And don't worry. It was an accident... but thanks.", Elise says to Ernn as he keeps staring at her eyes.

"And I have to go. I have people waiting for me.", Ernn says to Elise.

Elise: "How I said it's alright. I have people waiting for me too."

After a couple of seconds, Ernn continues walking forwards as he looks back at Elise, who's standing still looking at him.

"Oh, Elise... You could have let him pay for your drinks, but as always, you were too nice once again.", Elise says to herself as she turns around and walks to her friends.

"Hey, Jessica?", Elise says to her friend as she walks up to her.

Jessica: "Yeah... What happened to your shirt?"

"When I went to get our drinks, I accidentally bumped into somebody and spilled the drinks on me.

", Elise replies to Jessica as she notices that one of the guys that they are hanging out with is looking at her... shirt???

Elise: "Can we leave?"

Jessica: "Come on! We just got here!"

Elise: "No, we actually have been here for an hour and... forty-five minutes, and it's getting kinda late."

Jessica: "Let's just stay for a bit, okay?"

Elise: "Jessica, what about my shirt? I need another one before one of these creepy dudes gets too excited."

"And put this on... That way people will stop staring at your boobs.", Jessica says to Elise as she gives Elise her white leather jacket.

"Thanks!", Elise says as she puts it on.

Jessica: "You're welcome, bestie."

Suddenly, the same guy who was looking at Elise's shirt walks to her with two drinks on his hand.

"I saw that dick spilled your drink, so I brought you one!", the guy says as he offers her one of the drinks.

"Thanks, Jake."

Unexpectedly, Elise's phone starts to vibrate. At she looks at it, her face and mood totally change.

"Aren't you going to answer?", Jake says to Elise as Jessica while worried looks at her.

The world around Elise seems to stop for a minute as she looks at her phone, but then she proceeds to decline the call.

"I might call her later.", Elise says as she starts to drink.

Jessica: "Hope, are you fine? Do you want to leave?"

"No, not now. Let's stay for a bit.", Elise says as she continues drinking.


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