Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 2)
Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 2) marvel stories

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Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 2)


In a wealthy neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland,

a beautiful teenage girl with long and wavy blonde hair and light blue eyes is putting some makeup on when suddenly listens to somebody whispering in the hall outside of her room.

The girl curiously gets to her door opens and slightly opens it to get a view of the people who are conversating outside of her room.

"How's that possible!? You said that the therapies were going to help him, not to kill him!", a woman while maddened says to the other one.

"Miss Reeves, I'm sorry, but his body hasn't reacted very well to the chemotherapy! I wish there was something we could do to help him, but sadly we can't! I'm sorry!

", the Doctor says to the woman before walking away.

As the doctors walk away, Miss Reeves, while frustrated, follows her to the entrance of the house.

The girl's mood changes as a result of the conversation that she just heard, but her desire to learn more about the mysterious conversation leads her to sneak to the entrance of the house.

"Can you at least tell me how much time he has left?", Miss Reeves, while saddened, asks.

"He's not in a good state... I can't predict how much time he has left... If I were you, I would spend as much time as I could with him.", the Doctor says to Miss Reeves before exiting the house.

The girl at listening to the terrible news decides to visit her father's room. Upon entering the room, her dad, who's lying on a bed while sick, notices her.

"Hi, dad!", the girl says to her dad as she lays on the door of the room.

"Elise... I was expecting you.", the sick man says as his daughter walks closer to him.

"Your mom talked to me about my beautiful princess getting nominated as

homecoming queen! Is that true?", the sick man says as he struggles to breathe.

"Yeah... I did. I didn't think I would get nominated, but I did.", Elise replies, while melancholic.

"Since you were a little girl, you have always been as beautiful as your mother and as smart as me... You don't know how proud I am of having the best daughter in the world."

At hearing this, Elise approaches her dad and hugs him as tears start to roll down her cheeks.

Elise: "And you don't know how much I love you, dad!"

"Oh, don't cry, my little Hope... don't cry---", Mister Reeves says to Elise as he hugs her.

"I can't help it! I hate seeing you like this! I want you to get better!", Elise says while crying.

"I know, but sometimes there are things in life that are beyond our control. Sadly, this is one of them...

", Mister Reeves says to his daughter when unexpectedly a loud honk is heard from outside the house.

"I guess that must be your friend Jessica... Go so you get to school on time... I don't want you to get late!", Mister Reeves says to his daughter.

"Alright. I'll see you later, dad!", Elise says as she dries her tears.

"See you, my beautiful girl!", Elise's dad says to her as she walks out of the room.

On her way out of the house, Elise sees her mom in the kitchen, drying her tears as she cooks some breakfast.

"Mom... are you alright?", Elise asks her mom as she quickly dries her tears.

"Yeah... Yeah... It's just that I had something in my eyes probably it was an eyelash or something.", Miss Reeves replies to her worried daughter.

Elise: "Mom, I'm here for you if you need me."

Miss Reeves: "I know, honey... I know."

Elise, at seeing that her mother wants to be alone, picks up her things, and walks to the main entrance.

"I might get late today! I have to work on a Geography project with Jessica!", Elise says to his mom.

Miss Reeves: "That's fine, honey! I hope you have a great!"

"You too, mom.", Elise says while feeling worried for her mother.

After a couple of seconds of looking at her mother, Elise leaves the house and gets inside her friend's car.

Jessica: "You are not going to guess who just texted me saying that is going to the club


Elise: "Who?"

Jessica: "Jake Millner and Shawn De La Cruz!"

Elise: "With who are they going!?"

Jessica looks at Elise while happy.

"Come on, Jess! Really!?", Elise says while disgusted.

Jessica: "Come on, he and his friend are hot! I'm just trying to get us laid tonight!"

Elise: "Jake used to have a crush on me when we were in eight grade! He also used to get

inside the girl's restrooms just to spy on me! He's a pervert!"

Jessica: "Hope, I'm just trying to get you laid!"

Elise: "Nah... Thanks, but I'll pass!"

Jessica gets some pills from her glove compartment and consumes one of them while driving.

Jessica: "Do you want one?"

"Yeah. I think I need it!", Elise says as she gets the bag full of pills.

"Why are you so grouchy today?", Jessica asks her best friend.

"Jess, I'm not grouchy... I'm just worried...", Elise replies.

Jessica: "Is it about your dad?"

"Yeah... The Doctor told my mom that dad isn't getting any better. That she should spend all of her time with him because he might let go at any moment.

", Elise says as she consumes one of the pills.

Jessica: "Oh my God, Hope... and I'm so sorry... How's your mom taking it?"

"I don't really know... I know she's sad and hurt... but she won't tell me, and to be honest, that pisses me off.", Elise says as she looks through the window of the car.

Jessica: "Why does it piss you off?"

"Because I want my mom to talk to me... To let me know how she feels... Not to hide her emotions from me.", Elise replies while saddened.

Jessica: "What if she's hiding how she truly feels about your dad's to don't make you feel bad for her?"

"Jess, I already do feel bad for her...", Elise replies as she starts to cry.

"You need to let her know how you feel. That you don't want her to cry by herself anymore.", Jessica says to comfort Elise.

There's a short gap of silence when suddenly...

Jessica: "We are going to the club tonight, and we are going to get drunk, and when I say drunk, I really mean drunk... Alright?"

Elise: "Sure..."

"Come on, Hope! I hate seeing you crying!", Jessica says while feeling bad for Elise.

Elise: "I'll stop crying in a minute."

There's another gap of silence when unexpectedly Jessica turns on the radio of her car and goes through the radio stations.

"This is our song! Are you going to sing with me?", Jessica says as their favorite song plays on the radio.

"Jessy and not now...", Elise says as she continues crying.

"Alright, then I'll sing on my own then!", Jessica says as she starts singing Don't Start Now by Dua Lipa.

As Jessica continues singing, Elise looks at her. She starts laughing at how awfully Jessica is singing when unexpectedly, she also starts singing out loud like a maniac with her best friend.


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