Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 1)
Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 1) marvel stories

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In this chapter of Marvel's Renegades, Ernn Christopher Jackson, a young Hispanic and Black kid, and Elise Hope Reeves, a white and wealthy girl, see themselves managing to confront their personal problems until it eventually they and those who they most love are consumed by it. This chapter is the beginning of a divine legend, the beginning of a pair, but most importantly, the beginning of what's to come.

Marvel's Renegades: Chapter Four (SCAPEGOAT) (PART 1)

"Breaking News! Eight people were brutally slaughtered at a morgue in Downtown Baltimore. The perpetrators of this macabre scene are unknown.

This is the eighth massacre that has taken place in Baltimore City in less than a month.

The governor is expected to give a conference tonight in which he's expected to introduce a plan that will help to combat all of the violent crimes that have been taking place here

in Baltimore in the last month", the reporter on the TV says when suddenly...

"Why can't they cover anything positive going on in this city?

It's always the same shit, I get on the TV to watch something entertaining shit, and I somehow run into this shitty news!

I swear to god that if this shit happens again, I will throw the TV out the window!" an angered middle-aged woman says out loud as she watches the news.

Suddenly a black teenage kid comes out to the kitchen to serve himself some breakfast.

"Ernn!?" the woman says to her son.

Ernn: "Yeah, ma?"

"Do you still hang out with those kids?" the woman asks her son as she continues watching the TV from her sofa.

Ernn: "Which kids?"

"Ernn, I'm not stupid! You arrived home late yesterday night!" the woman says to her son as she looks at him from her sofa.

Ernn: "Yeah, I was at a Basketball game. That's why I..."

"What part of I'm not stupid you didn't understand?

I know you are hanging out with Jeremiah and his friends! I have told you multiple times to stay the hell away from those trouble makers, and yet you still don't listen to me.

", the angry woman says to her son.

"Yeah? How do you know that I'm still hanging out with them?" Ernn says to his mom as he eats his breakfast.

"Because I know!" the woman while angry says.

"Yeah... You don't know shit.", Ernn whispers when suddenly...

"What did you just say!?" the woman asks as she looks at him.

Ernn: "I didn't say anything."

"Ernn Christopher Jackson, what did you just say!?" the woman says as she angrily walks up to him.

"Ma, I didn't say anything.", Ernn says as he while scared walks around the kitchen table to avoid his mom from getting to him.

"Come on, say it again, you little shit!" the woman says as she chases him around the table.

"Hey ma, chill! Chill!" Ernn says as he tries to escape from his mom by rushing to the living room when suddenly he trips and falls on his mom's sofa.

"Got you!" the woman says as she angrily approaches him.

"Ma... Ma! I'm sorry, alright!? I'm sorry!", Ernn says as his mom approaches him.

"Sorry for what!?", the woman while angry asks.

"For saying what I said! It won't happen again! I promise!", Ernn says while afraid as his mom stands in front of him when suddenly the door of their house gets knocked.

"I'm telling you Ernn, one of these days I will slap you so hard that you'll go to heaven and back!", Ernn's mom says before walking to the entrance of their house and answering the door.

As soon as Ernn's mom walks to the door, Ernn stands up and walks back to the kitchen to continue finishing his breakfast.

"Who was that?", Ernn asks his mom as she walks back to her sofa.

"The postman.", Ernn's mom replies.

"What did he gave you?", Ernn asks as he enjoys his cereal.

"Ernn, what else would a postman give to people apart of letters?", the woman asks.

Ernn: "Magazines, packages, bills, newspapers---"

"Okay, smartass. Can you let me read the letter?", the woman says to her son.

Ernn continues eating his breakfast when suddenly...

"Who sent the letter?", Ernn asks.

"Child, you're lucky that I have learned to tolerate you because if it wasn't for that, you would have been residing at an orphanage a long time ago!", Ernn's mom says while annoyed.

A couple of seconds of silence past when unexpectedly...

Ernn: "You still haven't told me who wrote it."

"Your cousin wrote it.", the woman says.

Ernn: "Who!? Amy!?"

"No, Maria! Yes, Amy wrote it you silly!", Ernn's mom, while annoyed replies.

At hearing that his cousin wrote a letter for his mom, Ernn quickly grabs his bowl full of cereal walks to his mom's sofa.

"What does it says?", Ernn curiously says.

"Of course you want to know what it says.", the woman replies before reading out loud the letter of her niece.

Amy's letter: "Dear Aunty Nicole, I haven't forgotten about you or my brainless cousin---"

"Did she just call me stupid!?", Ernn asks while mad.

"Can you let me read the goddamn letter once and for all!? Please?", Nicole says while frustrated at her son.

Amy's letter: "I know that you and Ernn had always cared for me, and I'm grateful for it. I haven't been sending any letter because I've been kinda tight with my schedule.

This job here at the school had kept me busy for a while, but don't worry because next time you hear from me won't be through a letter, but in person.

I have asked the Professor for some time off and he agreed to it due to my hard work and excellent performance as a teacher.

The bad thing about it is that I won't see you all until mid-November.

The good thing is that I'll be able to stay with you all until mid-December, meaning that I'll get to spend Thanksgiving with you all.

How I have mentioned before, I'm truly sorry for not managing to get some time to communicate with you.

Tell Ernn that has soon as I get there, he will have to sleep on the family room's sofa because I will take his nice and warm room. I really love guys, and I can't wait to see you all soon.

Your favorite niece, Amy Nicole Serrano."

There's a moment of silence.

Ernn: "So, Amy is coming?"

Nicole: "Yeah. Aren't you happy about it?"

"I mean, yes, I am happy that she's coming, but I'm going to be very busy... with school.", Ernn says while disgusted.

Nicole: "That's alright. I will talk with the principal of your school, so you can get to spend some time with your cousin."

Ernn: "Okay..."

"Aren't you late to school?", Nicole asks Ernn as she looks at the clock.

Ernn: "Yeah... I kinda am..."

"Then what are you waiting for? Go before you get another tardy!", Nicole says to her son as he rushes to his room to get his backpack.

"Ernn, remember what I told you! I don't want your Jeremiah or any of those damn kids!", Nicole says to Ernn as he gets ready to leave.

Ernn: "Okay."

"Ernn, I'm for real! Amy and you are the only things I care about in this world! I don't want to get to see you on the news!", Nicole says while worried to her son.

Ernn: "Ma, I'll be fine. These reporters are always exaggerating! Don't listen to them!"

"Bendicion!", Ernn says to his worried mom as he kisses her on her forehead.

"Dios te bendiga, mijo!", Nicole says to her son as he exits the house.

Upon leaving his house, Ernn walks a couple of blocks away from his home and sits on the sidewalk of a deserted street as he waits for a friend.


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