Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 8)
Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 8) marvel comics stories

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Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 8)


Amy is sitting on her own with her hands covering her face as she whispers to the hundred of voices inside her head.

"Please go away!", Amy whispers to herself over and over again until Collin abruptly sits on the same table as her.

"Amy, what's happening? You have been acting weird all day. Is there something you want to tell me?", Collin asks while worried about his new friend.

Amy: "I... think I'm... sick."

"You think!? Come on! I'll walk with you to the nursery!", Collin says as he helps Amy to stands up.

At walking out of the lunchroom, they are unexpectedly intercepted by Francis and his group of supposed friends.

"Did you thought you were going to get away with it?", Francis says as he abruptly pushes Amy to the ground.

"Leave her alone!

", Collin says as he tried to fight Francis for pushing Amy, but upon trying to do so, Francis ends up punching Collin's nose, causing him to fall to the ground and a fractured nose.

After punching Collin, Francis redirects his hostility towards Amy, who's trying to stand up from the ground.

"Stand up and fight, coward!", Francis yells at Amy.

Collin: "Amy, don't do it!"

"Collin, shut up!", Amy yells at Collin as she slowly stands up.

Amy finally stands up as she becomes enraged by Francis's actions. While enraged, Amy quickly approaches Francis, and as he tried to punch her, she strikes him on his jaw.

At the moment her skin makes contact with Francis's skin, Amy has a glimpse of Francis's getting punches by his abusive father.

As a result of the punch and the unexplained glimpse, Francis falls unconsciously to the ground, causing those who were chanting to hush.

"Francis, I'm sorry!", Amy says as she's now confused and scared of herself.

Francis recovers his conscience and immediately starts to cry.

"What are you!? What did you do to me!?", Francis yells as he drags himself away from Amy.

Amy: "I don't know! I'm sorry! I didn't know what I was doing!"

As Collin stands up from the ground, a nearby teacher walks up to the students to intervene in the conflict.

"What happened here!?", the teacher asks as she approaches Collin to check on his fractured nose.

"She's one of them! She got inside my mind when she punched me!", Francis yells at the teacher as he fears for his life.

"Amy, what did you do to him?", the teacher while worried, asks Amy.

"Miss Clark, he's lying! He started all of this! He's the one punched me!", Collin yells to the teacher as Francis continues crying.

"You know what you all coming to the office with me. Let's go!", the teacher says to Collin, Francis, and Amy.

All of them start walking behind Miss Clark, except for Amy, who refuses to follow the teacher.

"Amy, I said to the officer, now!", the teacher while maddened at Amy as she stares at her.

"But I didn't do anything!", Amy exclaims in fear.

"I said to the office...", the teacher violently says as she grabs Amy by her arm, but at making contact with her skin, Miss Clark wakes up injured in the passenger seat of a wrecked car.

Her seatbelt is stuck, and because of it, she's unable to leave the vehicle. She calls up for her husband, but she gets no sign of him.

She removes the airbag of the glove compartment and searches for something sharp enough to cut through the hard textiles of the seatbelt, but unfortunately, she only finds a bunch of documents.

She tries pulling the belt off the latch, but she has no success at freeing herself.

While desperate, she starts looking around until she sees a bunch of shattered glass lying on the driver's seat.

Miss Clark quickly grabs one of these pieces of broken glass and cuts through the hard seatbelt. After finally cutting all of it, she then opens the door of her car and exits it.

At exiting it, she starts calling for her husband as she walks around the bridge.

As she starts walking near the edges of the bridge, she starts seeing some remains of shattered glass and coins, until suddenly while looking down at the shore of the river beneath the bridge,

she finds the corpse of her husband with all of his extremities twisted. Upon the teacher having this short glimpse of her traumatic accident, she left go Amy's arm.

Amy: "I'm sorry! I don't know what's happening! I need help! I didn't ---"

"Get away from me, freak!", Miss Clark yells at Amy as she stands petrified in front of her.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry!", Amy says while panicking backs off from the teacher and everybody around her to avoid witnessing the traumatic memories of those who surround her.

Upon backing off, she sees herself surrounded by everyone and the negative thoughts that are going through all of their minds.

The voices of these thoughts become louder and louder as she loses control of her emotion. She tried covering her hears to stop listening to them, but it doesn't seem to work.

At the thoughts clouding her mind, Amy drops on her knees as while covering her hears, she starts to cry.


Amy is sitting with her head down and her eyes close as she hears the thoughts of all of the people around her, including those of the secretary who's disgustingly looking at her.

"Who would have thought that she was a mutie, huh? I hope the purifiers get to them before she ends up hurting more innocent people.", the secretary says to herself as Amy reads her mind.

"Why? Why do you hate me so much? Why do you all want me to die?", Amy asks the secretary as she cries.

Secretary: "What? I never said---"

"I heard you.", Amy says to the secretary as she continues to cry.

Upon the secretary realizing the kind of mutant Amy was, she immediately while terrified stands up, grabs her stuff, and leaves the office.

Subsequently, after the secretary left, Amy's attention is shifted towards the conversation that her aunt and the principal are having inside his office.

"Mister Reese, she is a good kid! I'm sure she can learn to control herself!", Amy's aunt says to the principal while maddened.

Principal (Mr. Reese): "Miss Jackson, I'm sorry, but we can't have a mutant in our school!

As soon as the parents of our students start to hear about the incident, they will begin to file complaints against her! Some of them might even pull their kids out of this school!"

"Your niece is one of the smartest kids in this school, but sadly we have to let her go... for her own good.", the principal says in a calm voice to Amy's aunt.

"For her own good!? You are refusing to let her attend this school just to protect its reputation!", Miss Jackson/Nicole/Amy's aunt says while infuriated.

"Mam, this is not about this school's reputation! This about its safety and the safety of your family!

If the Purifiers, the Church of Humanity, or any of those lunatic groups hear that mutants are attending our school, they will come for her, your family, and anybody who aids them!

" the principals say while worried.

Miss Jackson, at hearing this, stands up her seat and while maddened walks to the office's door.

Mr. Reese: "I'm truly sorry, mam."

"No. When your child gets denied its basic human right for simply being of a different race, and you start to feel the pain of it, then you'll be sorry.

", Miss Jackson says to Mister Reese before leaving his office.

Miss Jackson walks out, and upon doing so, she sees her niece sitting ahead of her, with her head down.

Miss Jackson, at feeling bad for her niece, slowly walk up to Amy and kneels in front of her.

"You don't have to tell me! I heard everything!", Amy says with her head down.

"Why do you want to send me away?", Amy asks her aunt as she finally raises her head and faces her aunt.

Amy's aunt: "Amy you are in---"

"You are abandoning me like how mom and dad did to me!", Amy yells at her aunt as she starts to cry again.

"Mija, you know I would never do such thing to you! You know that I love you as if you were my own daughter!

I care about you, and I wish I didn't have to do this, but your life is in danger, and I don't want anything bad to happen to you!", Miss Jackson says as she starts to shed some tears.

Mrs. Jackson: "There is this school that your uncle just to attend when he was a kid. That school... is an excellent school for people like you!"

Amy: "Aunty, I don't want to go there! I want to be with you!"

"Honey, I have to! If I don't send you there, bad people will hurt you, and I don't want to lose you!", Miss Jackson says as she dries her tears and stands up.

"Come on, Amy... We have to go.", Miss Jackson says to her niece as she looks directly at her aunt.

Amy takes her time to dry her tears and pick up her belongings. Upon taking her stuff, Amy and her aunt exit the office.

At Amy exiting the office, she hears the mean thoughts of the kids, who are looking at her.

"She's one of those muties!", "Oh, that is why she and Collin were friends!", and "We don't want any of them in this school!" are among the negative thoughts that are flooding Amy's mind.

At leaving school and walking to her aunt's car, Amy senses how her aunt's feelings of sadness and despair become more and more notorious as they approach the vehicle.

Upon getting in the car, Miss Jackson looks at a picture of her niece, Amy, sitting on her dashboard.

Miss Jackson is heartbroken, and as a result of it, she hesitates to start her car, but at being aware of Amy's abilities, she holds her feelings to herself.

After a couple of seconds of deep breathing, Nicole finally turns on her car and drives Amy back home for the last time.


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