Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 5)
Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 5) marvel comics stories

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Marvel's Renegades: CHAPTER FIVE (GENESIS) (FANFIC) (PART 5)

Amy: "Did Jafari left his people behind?"

"No, Amy.

Unlike the other slaves, Jafari's wish wasn't to be free, but for others to enjoy their lives without being under the constant fear of being slaughtered, abused, or enslaved by the colonist.

For that reason is why while the others left, he, with a machete in hand, fought the officers to free those who were left behind.

His bravery freed all of those who were caught, but his courageous behavior didn't save him from getting caught by the rest of the officers.

The same day after getting caught, Jafari was taken to the gallows as a punishment for trying to run away and for killing the Spanish officers that captured the other runaways.

At the moment, Jafari was hanged by the officers, Zara, along with her coven and the Africans who Jafari had freed,

came out of the deep bushes and attacked the officers that were witnessing the execution, but upon getting to the gallows, Jafari was already hanging dead.

The witches took his body and carried it with them to their lair. There, the witches tried to perform a ritual to bring Jafari to life, but it was too late.

Jafari had already passed to the other world, and because of it, the witches gave up on him.

Zara believed that if a man or a woman were willing to sacrifice their life for a greater good that the rest should do it in their name too.

At witnessing that her coven gave up on a man who willingly gave his life and freedom away to save his people, Zara refused to give up on him.

Because of it, she rapidly grabbed a dagger and stabbed herself on the chest with it, causing the other witches to feel disturbed.

At giving herself a quick death, Zara ended in the afterlife, where she begged her gods to bring Jafari back from the dead. The gods refused over and over again as Zara continually begged them.

Still, then the so-called gods stopped listening to her, and as a result, she was stranded on this mysterious place on her own.

Zara tried to escape this shifting world, but after many attempts, she got to the conclusion that there was nothing she could do to escape from it.

She spent minutes in it, but those minutes felt like an eternity to her as a quarter of a minute became half of a month, and a third of an hour became a hundred and sixty years.

Eventually, as she explored the deeps of the afterlife, voices came out of nowhere and offered her a deal.

The deal for her was to give up half of her soul and the souls of all of her future generations so they could do his bidding through the other half if she wanted Jafari and herself to

come back to life.

Zara was skeptical about jeopardizing her life and the life of the future descendant she might have for a cause, but in the end,

her skepticism wasn't enough to stop her from agreeing to the deals of the unknown.

At that very moment, Zara came back to life, she immediately felt the empty space left by that half part of her that was gone. The dagger was still impaled on her chest, but she felt no pain.

As the rest of the witches were surrounding her, Jafari unexpectedly stood up as if he had taken a long nap rather than died.

The witches were in a state of shock as they could believe the mysterious events that they had just witnessed.

The days past and the witches still couldn't figure out the kind of miracle that had brought Jafari and their sister back.

The coven and the free Africans formed an alliance against the colonist, and as a result of it, many of the traditions and knowledge were taught among the group.

Some of them even got to develop relationships with each other, which was the case of Zara and Jafari.

One day as Jafari and Zara were trying to infiltrate a fortress in which maps with the locations to all plantations and to all of the routes used by slave ships were located.

During the infiltration, they were attacked by some of the Spanish officers and were quickly apprehended. At getting incarcerated, one of the guards started molesting Zara.

The cries for help were heard by Jafari, who was being tortured by the officers.

Jafari, at being scared for his lover's life, yells at the officers to stop, but instead, they laughed at him and mocked the cries of his fiancee.

The pain, the cries for help, and the mockery of the guards sparked something dark in Jafari's souls. Something darker than the most intense rage to ever exist. This...

this revealed the evil that occupied the other half of Jafari's and Zara's soul. Jafari managed to escape from the eyes of officers in just a blink of an eye. The officers were confused...

lost... but that sense of confusion was soon replaced by horror as Jafari came out of nowhere and started killing the officers with his bare hands.

The officers, while afraid for their lives, tried using their muskets against him, but those bullets didn't do anything, but to make his hatred worse than it already was.

The officer who was molesting the defenseless Zara came outside of the prison with his musket in hand to check on the others when suddenly Jafari out of nowhere appeared about three meters

away from him.

The officer quickly loaded his musket and took a shot at him, but he missed, so he went for a second shot, and in doing so, one by one, the bodies of his partners started falling from the sky.

The officer, while scared at the madness that he's witnessing, runs back to the prison just to find out that Zara was now gone.

The officer was overwhelmed by fear, so he quickly ran towards an emergency bell and started ringing it and ringing it,

nonstop when suddenly a bright crystal went through the chest of the scared man.

The man then slowly turned around with a crystal going through his chest and saw the woman, who he raped, standing in front of him enraged, looking at him.

Unexpectedly, Zara stabs him again with another one of those same bright crystals as before.

The man fell dead to the ground, but that was not enough for her as she got on the floor and continued stabbing the corpse of the officer multiple times without not even a bit of hesitation.

Hours later, the group of witches arrived at the rescue of Jafari and Zara, but upon arriving,

they were all disgusted at witnessing the bodies of thousands of Spanish officers lying all around the prison in the state of decomposition.

As the witches walked deeper into the prison, they found Jafari covered in blood, consoling the broken Zara.

Years passed, and more slaves were broken free by the actions taken by Jafari, Zara and the coven against the colonist of Spain, but at doing so,

Jafari and Zara had revealed the magnitude of their god-like abilities to many of the people who they had fought and freed, gaining respect,

worshipers and the fear of many others including the government of Spain.

The disturbing news about a coven of witches and a couple of demons taking over the Caribbean reached the hears of the religious Hispanic Monarchy and those of many other nations.

As a result of it, a supposed well known "Demon Hunter" was sent by the crown to defeat the supposed evils that surrounded the islands. Upon arriving at the Caribbean Sea, the "Demon Hunter" along with some man sent by the Spanish crown, started their quest to take down the demonic entities and the dangerous covens that resided on the island. After months of multiple expeditions, the man finally managed to get with the location of one of the major covens in the Caribbean and, successfully with the help of his tools and magic, ended up ambushing and depowering the entire coven upon confronting it. At ambushing them, the man recognized one of the witches in it as she was the same woman who raised him when he was a kid. The man began questioning one by one every member of the coven. As they denied cooperating with him, they were burned alive.


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