Concrete and Glass

             Concrete and Glass

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Humanity's battle against itself.
It's time to come up with the appropriate answer.

Concrete and Glass

The atmosphere glowed a bright red as innumerable window glasses of high-rises reflected the aura of the setting sun.

The brightness of the scene dazzled my eyes and as I looked up at the cloudless sky to seek comfort,

My thoughts drifted backwards into time.

A reel played in my mind's eye.

A few years ago, at the same spot;

emerald green meadows glowed with a divine golden light as the sun went down behind the distant, blue hills.

The soft hues of nature blended so serenely that watching it could set every restless soul free.

Little could one anticipate back then that forces so naturally and strongly fitted,could be brought down and replaced with mere fragile concrete and glass,within just a matter of time.

The red glow around,caught back my attention to the present reality with a jerk

And the face of the fading sun in one of the glass windows seemed to ask me with its fiery glory,

"Why does your kind,battle with all of divine,not realising or perhaps ignoring, that a single great force,flows through all life and that destroying a part of it,would pull down all of it?"

A frown came over my face and as my brain wrestled to find an answer,

The seeker disappeared and left behind an anguished mind among the blinding darkness of the city lights.

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