A Ravishing Havoc

              A Ravishing Havoc
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Gather all your senses and witness a rain storm at dusk.

Thank you very much for stopping by :)
I hope that I could stir up your senses with bits of the earthly elements through this very first,short piece.

A Ravishing Havoc

The sky at dusk turned pink with patches of blue in the horizon;

The air around had a smoky yellow tinge.

Birds flew in different directions as they rushed back to their havens.

It all began with a soft rustle of the tree leaves and a faint breeze,

Which soon turned into a howling wind.

The raging leaves of the nearby Gulmohar trees sounded like a thousand crumbling papers as the wind snatched away their fiery red blossoms.

The window panes clattered and tiny droplets of water raced all across the smooth glass.

A true, perfect drama was set amongst all the havoc.

The storm ended as abruptly as it had begun but left behind a hundred scattered leaves and twigs on the empty streets-a touch of chaos in midst of the calm.

The earth smelled fresh and a soft breath of wind brought along with it,the sweet melody of a distant wind chime.

As it grew darker,the sky put on a robe of purple and one after another, windows and streets lit up,as the town folks got ready for a warm Sunday evening.

Thank You for reading!

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