Seattle Verse: Chapter 1
Seattle Verse: Chapter 1 stories

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Two werewolves, having a chat in the moonlight.

Seattle Verse: Chapter 1

The blonde werewolf, still in human form, looked over at his second-in-command, then to the full moon, high in the night sky.

Neither had shifted into their pure wolf forms, but the pull of the full moon didn't go unnoted.

They were always last to shift, making sure the other pack members didn't have any problems, before letting the moon take hold of their bodies.

"Where he is now, there are three moons," he'd be speaking about his husband and the fae realm.

He was seeking refuge and sanctuary in the fae world, due to the trauma he'd recently suffered in their own world.

"And none of them hold sway over the wolf," he'd add, "I just hope he remembers that he needs to be let out."

Chase looked to his leader, to the pack's leader and smiled, "It must look amazing at night there, with those moons. I'd love to go sometime."

He'd then look to the moon, "He knows that he needs to let him out, he's been a wolf awhile Linc, he's not foolish enough to think that he can deny that side of him."

He'd be speaking of their "inner wolf" who was a primal part inside of all werewolves, that acted almost as a second entity, inside of their conscious.

Most of the time it was only to the surface when they shifted for the moon, but on occasion, the wolf had been known to possess a wolf's human form and take over briefly.

Especially if mistreated or neglected.

"I'm worried that he will want to stay there. We had this conversation before I left, and he assured me that he would come back to me, to the boys," he'd speak of their twins, Elijah and Quinn.

"But after what happened, the bombing at the club and all the trauma in his past...I could see him wanting to stay there. It's free of violence. Everyone gets along, it's a pure place.

And it's full of magic and it's part of who he is," then he'd shake his head, "Not's WHAT he is.

It's really hard on me facing the facts that he's more fae than werewolf and that he never should've even been able to be turned in the first place.

Something's happened since he came of age, he's more fae than ever before.

And I'm trying to learn to accept that side of him, but a big part of me just wants him back and things the way that they used to be."

The dark wolf, second-in-command, would shrug, "We can't change what's happened in Sky's past. We can only make sure that they don't happen again.

That none of the mistakes or bad decisions or situations are repeated. The mansion is the safest place for him, aside from the fae realm. He's normally happy here.

And it's where his family is, all of us," he'd mean the pack. "Don't worry," he'd put his hand firmly on Linc's shoulder and squeeze, "Soon he'll be home."

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